Project Velcro: Geisha

I met Geisha, briefly, at the Volunteer Centre. She’d been brought in with a recent group of Project Velcro cats and was waiting to be picked up by her foster parent. You couldn’t help but notice her. Most of the PV cats were marching up and down in their cages, begging for attention. Geisha — who is very pretty — just sat there with her head bowed and tilted. She clearly needed special help. Right on cue, in swept foster-extraordinaire Bea, who has created a specialty out of caring for some of the neediest foster cats we have. Read about Geisha (and Bea) here, where they’ve been featured by Toronto Cat Rescue.

(It was Bea who suggested putting two cages together when Molly had to go on cage rest.)

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Look who’s back …

Is it safe to come out?

Yup, Bella’s with us again. And she’s here for three weeks! Let’s hope we don’t kill each other before the end of the visit. 😉  (I don’t really “get” dogs and Bella is a sensitive soul who needs lots of patience — one of my scarcest qualities!)

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Jen and her husband Jerry came to visit the kittens. When they arrived the babies were asleep and snuggled two and two but I wasn’t fast enough to get a picture. They quickly woke up and started playing …


Bee Balm


I stepped out of the room, but apparently he was growling at the other kittens to leave his mouse alone!

Lotus is king of the mountain!
The only one not playing was Quince. S/he snoozed on Jen’s lap the whole time! I didn’t get a photo, but the last time Jen came to visit, little Quince snoozed on her the whole time as well:

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Catticus update

After just 36 hours I couldn’t stand it anymore and begged for an update:

Photo (A.G.) courtesy of her new family. Note the pretty collar!

Little pirate cat is doing well. We’ve renamed her Sparrow (after Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean). Catticus had too many syllables and we felt bad just calling her cat lol. She has been running around here non stop!!! She does laps around our main floor then runs upstairs and jumps in the bathtub! She does this about 10 times before taking a break. Our shower curtain has fish on it which she jumps up and tries to catch. I wonder how long the curtain will stay up! She has been eating well. We’ve been feeding her a mixture of dry and wet food which she’s been eating right up. She even has been eating her treats which we hide for her to find. Now she knows all the hiding spots! She found her litter instantly and there has been no accidents (at least none that we have found). She has not been that cuddly because she won’t sit still. She loves rubbing up against our legs tho and loves her bum scratches and belly rubs. She does lick our faces when we are sleeping. She has been very chatting chirping, purring and meowing. She loves to talk. She also really enjoys laying at our back patio door watching the birds and squirrels while sun tanning. She and our dog Freyda have been sniffing each other. Freyda watches her zip around the house. She’s even started trying to talk to her. I can’t wait for them to cuddle (maybe in the future).

She has added a entire other level of craziness around here. We are loving her company.

Photo (A.G.) courtesy of her new family.

I think Sparrow suits her in all kinds of ways! I don’t think I could be any happier at an update!

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Sparkle was a street stray and is about ten years old. She’s very friendly, so clearly has been a pet. She came into the shelter emaciated, with terrible teeth. The TCR vet took her for dental work. They were also spaying her but when they opened her up she had full blown pyometra! Nothing had shown in the blood work, no visual sign of infection. They got it all but it was quite a bit more complicated than they expected — quite a large spay scar and shaved right up and around her butt. 😦 AND she had the dental work done. Poor little thing must be feeling it (she has visible swelling on both her belly scar and jaw) but I’ve got pain meds for her and antibiotics, of course. Like I needed another reason to rant about spaying your pets!

She’s still very thin, and a little rough-looking, but we’ll fix that. She had two meals in her first two hours here and scarfed them both down so I’ve been trying to give her frequent, small meals.

Consider these her “before” photos:

She is SUPER affectionate and loves attention. I had three young visitors the other day and when they sat down she just walked back and forth across their laps enjoying the petting! She will calmly sit beside me (or on me) but as soon as I pet her she’s up head butting and rubbing her cheeks.

Oh, and I will happily entertain new names. I don’t usually bother to change a name but I really don’t like Sparkle.

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Play, refuel

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Catticus is adopted!

What a whirlwind!

A rare quiet moment. (This is one of Jen’s photos from when Catticus was at the store.)

She had a potential adopter last week but it clearly wasn’t the right fit. They didn’t even come to meet her. So we re-posted her with even more emphasis on her high energy level. Meanwhile, I was making plans (I never learn!) to get her back in a store. Suddenly, on Monday afternoon, I got an email; someone was interested could I give them a call. I emailed the person to ask if that evening was ok for a chat. Ainsley emailed back: this afternoon, this evening, both are good. Hmmm … keen. I like that. So Ainsley and I chatted for quite a while that night. Every time I brought up one of Catticus’s “negative” traits, Ainsley would answer some variation on “That’s ok!”. When would you like to meet her? Can we come tomorrow? Like I said, keen.

(Full disclosure; Ainsley and her husband are friends with one of my fellow cat caretakers at the Volunteer Centre. Apparently, Sarah has been talking up lots of the cats to them but told them they really had to try for Catticus.)

Ainsley and her husband don’t have kids and they work full time. But they have a dog and have both a dog sitter and friends come in to spend time with the dog! Her husband, especially, was eager for a playful, interactive pet. (Be careful what you wish for!) It sounds like they have a busy household with friends and extended family. Even so, I actually asked them, if she was clearly bored and unhappy, would they consider another cat. They thought about it and said “yes”.

When they arrived, Catticus was eating her dinner and, for a change, not interested in meeting new people. Of course. So we sat and talked. When she finished she came marching over to check them out. They, like everyone, were amazed at how tiny she is. And fast. We “got” her running and playing and they immediately started picturing her in a particularly long hall in their home. That makes my heart go warm and fuzzy.

We had a nice visit and, of course, they took her home. It felt so fast to me. I got a little misty but avoided a full on break down as there was another foster person there visiting the kittens. The residents cats immediately started their happy dance (Both slept on the bed last night for the first time since Catticus arrived!) but the place felt … emptier. There’s an awfully big personality stuffed into that tiny little cat. I miss her already.

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