I totally forgot to announce the arrival of this cutie-pie:

(Photo courtesy of Toronto Animal Services)

She was an owner-surrender to Toronto Animal Services. Purchased from %*$#$*$@!@#@!% Kijiji. I don’t know if the person bought and surrendered her as a rescue or if they’re just a jerk. She’s a little older than the Artists. She arrived a week after the Gemstones (and Matisse) had their surgery, just a couple of days after Diamond/Opal/Onyx went to the store.

I put her in the cage at first; I was told she could mingle health-wise but I wanted to see how everyone reacted first. That lasted one night. She cried and cried when everyone else was free. Sweet Picasso would go in and chirp to her:

The next morning, I didn’t latch the cage door properly when I fed her breakfast and she was quick to take advantage of it. When I went back in, she was playing nicely with the Artists and Picasso. She’s been free ever since. But every once in a while she climbs up to the top of the cage and cries until I come and get her! (She’s totally capable of getting down on her own.)

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Wand toy fun

The Artist kittens — Money especially — are big fans of the wand toys. Unfortunately, so is Blue who tends to barge in and scatter them mid-play! But I managed to get some non-Blue photos and even a video. (Watch to the end, sound up!)

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Wordless Wednesday

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Queen of the Castle

The tiny but mighty Monet! She’s a fraction of the weight/size of the rest of them but it sure doesn’t slow her down. Lol.

Note Kahlo way up in the top left corner, on top of the cage!
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More busy

It really has been crazy around here. The kittens all got diarrhea again and weights were dropping. Another round of meds* and things seem on track — fingers-crossed.

Despite that, the Gemstones plus Matisse went to their spay/neuter surgery on the 8th. As soon as they came home, Feldspar (now Bailey) and Matisse (now Jasper) went to their new homes — in my building!! (I will eventually completely populate my building with TCR cats. Lol.)

Still on meds (I sent some home with the boys) they were also put on special gastro food for kittens. After 48 hours, there was an improvement — at least in the bigger ones. After a few more days, Opal, Diamond, and Onyx were picked up and taken to a store. They all had referrals in less than 24 hours — of course!

Diamond the diva

The remaining Artist kittens still have room for improvement in their digestion and all but Kusama still have weight to gain before surgery.

I’ve been using a “weansie” (TM TinyKittens) on Picasso, when she’s out and about, and have been separating her from the kittens at night. She’s has gained a lot of weight (almost too much!) but her poop is still unreliable.

This is the first time I saw her “play” with a toy; she bathed a stuffed kitten! Lol.

*two meds, one @ 1x/day for five days, one @ 2x/day for seven days, all times 10 cats!!!

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Special guest

Bella came to visit and for the first time Little Blue was unnerved! Bella was here for almost six days and Blue never fully adjusted. So weird ’cause she takes most things in stride.

Day 1
By day three she was sneak-attacking! She’d sneak up and bop Bella and run. First time, Bella reacted, of course. After a couple more sucker-bops, Bella would growl if Blue came too close. Good for Bella!
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Fly Hunt

Hahaha — a fly got in the foster room. Mama Picasso takes the opportunity to steal all the food.
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Big Sister

Blue is LOVING being a big sister.

If the kittens are locked in the foster room she cries and cries. (Fortunately, not at night.) She drove me so crazy I “punished” her by locking her in with them. Yeah, right.

She races around with them, wrestles with them (is mostly pretty gentle), and grooms them.

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A first

This crazy group is all over the place — literally. As mentioned, they’re free-roaming most of the day. During that time, at any given moment, somebody might be asleep, somebody might be awake. Never all nine doing the same thing — at least not where I could see them all! Until yesterday:

L-R: Matisse, Monet, Kahlo, Warhol, Kusama (in front)
Onyx in back, L-R; Feldspar, Diamond, Opal

Not all together, but all down for the count. Lol. And I didn’t realize until I was captioning the photos that they’re in their birth groups. That doesn’t usually happen either.

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Wordless Wednesday

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