A busy weekend

The girls were posted and already have a referral — TOGETHER! I’m so happy. I can’t honestly say I’ve seen any sign of them being bonded but I truly believe they’ll be happier together.  Their potential adopter can’t come to meet them for a couple of weeks but I’m happy to wait if it means keeping them together.



I also discovered (thanks to the person doing the website posting) that Juliette is actually a VERY dilute tortie!! The poor (winter) light in my place plus not seeing her very much plus her description on her paperwork made me think she was grey. But the photos actually show some small very pale orange/biege spots on her!

On an unhappy side note, while I was preparing their bios I was going over their paperwork – which is all in French since they came from Quebec. My French is not great but I’m starting to learn cat/veterinary French! 😉 What I hadn’t noticed before and now did was that both girls are declawed on ALL FOUR PAWS. I felt sick when I realized. Pair that with my boys being mean to them and no wonder Rose is having some peeing issues. (We’re working on it and I think I’m winning the battle. On the other hand, I’m 90% sure it’s stress because of the resident cats. I’m pretty sure it won’t follow them to their new home.)

Thankfully, declawing is becoming legal here in Canada. Unfortunately, it falls under provincial jurisdiction so each province has their own law. It’s illegal in British Columbia and Nova Scotia and I just learned that as of January first Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland & Labrador (one province) have joined the list. It’s being worked on in Ontario. Sadly, given the state of the rest of their animal protection laws, I suspect it will be a long time before Quebec follows suit. 😦

The kittens are booked for their surgery later this week!


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The heartache of fostering

Back in April of last year, when I was still a Foster Coordinator, I was assigned a brand new foster home. We had just done one of those big intakes from Quebec. Karla was one of those cats and she, sadly, had gone into labour on the journey (no one knew she was pregnant). She was rushed to a vet clinic but, alas, her kittens were premature and none survived. She spent a week at the clinic and was then transferred to this new foster home. Karla was shy and depressed — probably grieving still. Her new family gave her space but also worked on bringing her out of her shell.

A few days later, as “kitten season” hit with a vengeance, Karla’s foster home took in three orphaned kittens. As with all new arrivals to foster, quarantine had to be maintained. Karla was kept separated from the kittens.

Almost immediately Karla’s foster people noticed a change. She spent less time under the bed. Instead, she spent much of her time parked at the door that led to the kittens, chirping to them. The kittens would come to their side of the door and answer her.
It was a long two weeks with Karla doing everything in her power to get through the door! Finally, the door was opened. Karla marched straight to the kittens and began to “nurse”, bath, and snuggle them!

While the kittens still needed a human to feed them, Karla took care of bathing and teaching them how to be proper cats. About a week after the introduction, something amazing happened; Karla began producing milk! There was much joy from felines and humans alike. The kittens helped Karla heal and recover. Karla gave the kittens a mom with all the care and training that they needed.

But the story didn’t end there. In early June Karla took in another litter of orphaned kittens. Though not as keen this time, she helped, and even the original kittens got in the act playing big brother/sister and helping with grooming and lessons.

But there’s more! Later in the summer, Karla helped a third litter of kittens grow up! Her reward for all this? Her foster home adopted her! She — and one of the original kittens — were spayed and adopted into this wonderful and loving home.

Sadly, the story wasn’t over. A few days ago, Karla started showing signs of not feeling well. After a few days’ observation and worsening symptoms she was taken to the vet. The vet’s diagnosis? FIP. This horrid every-bad-word-I-can-think-of disease.

Our TCR foster family is heartbroken. Many, many people knew Karla’s story; she was featured on our website. Of course Karla’s family is heartbroken. But they are already resolved to keep fighting the good fight. They will continue to rescue and foster and do whatever is humanly possible to help.

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Wordless Wednesday

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The girls are finally starting to make good progress!

This was the first step, late last week.

Hangin’ out.

Post laser pointer play.

We still have a way to go but they’re appearing more and more. Especially for treats and laser dot play!

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Nelly and the mousie

She played by herself with this tail-less mousie for almost two hours!

At first, Carlos wanted to play but she was having none of it!


Oh — you want my picture?



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I did some shameless begging for updates on some of the recent adoptions.

Tigress. Photo courtesy of her adopter.

She’s wonderful, and she definitely has lot of personality. We call her Sprinkles but Tiger kitty is another name for her; she’s gonna end up with a million nicknames.

Teddy. Photo courtesy of his adopter.

Oh little Teddy is the best Christmas present I could’ve ever had! He’s fitting in so well with the new home and with Neo as well! I love him so much! Thank you for helping me with this.

I’m gonna call both of these a success. 😉

Luna’s family emailed me with some questions but I haven’t really had an update.

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This and that

Last night I had every intention of finishing a post I started for today. The cats had other ideas. First, the kittens were super playful, running and jumping and floofing and skipping. Then they settled in on me for a nice nap. Then a massive wrestling match that I tried to record but the focus was wonky and it would hurt your eyes if I posted it. 😦  I did get a couple of stills:







Then I tucked them back into their cage for a snack and a rest.

Then it was treat time for the big cats. Rose is a big fan of treats and will come for them. She won’t take them from me but she’ll get pretty close. So there I was, Rose on one side, Jonesy on the other, as I tossed treats to Murphy (he loves to chase them so much that he won’t take them from my hand!) Suddenly I noticed a small grey paw coming out from under the couch and snatching any treats within reach! Aaawww … Juliette!

Rose and Juliette have been “free” for a few of days now. I think it’s helping. Although I don’t see Juliette much, Rose is getting quite bold. And this morning they were having a game of chase, even though I was right there.

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