(Almost) Wordless Wednesday

Their tails are killing me!

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Wordless Wednesday

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A rare, snot-free photo.

This guy. He’s one of the sweetest, loveliest cats I’ve ever met! He should be enjoying life in his forever home. But we just can’t shake this congestion/sneezing.

He arrived at the end of February, on meds. Bob Sled came down with a cold, got rid of it, got adopted. Cool came down with a cold, got rid of it, is waiting to be adopted with her brother. Runnings has been sniffle-y and sneezy THE WHOLE TIME. He finished the meds he came with. He got another antibiotic. We had a phone consult with the vet and he got put on a whole ‘nother round.*

He finished those on April 23rd with some improvement but not well enough to adopt. On the 26th he went to the vet and was put on another antibiotic. On May 1st he went back to the vet for a nasal flush (!!) and snot culture. He was sent home with MORE meds.

The culture came back yesterday — bordetella! Fortunately the last antibiotic he was given is supposed to be effective on bordetella. The other meds are antihistamines and an antiviral. He IS improving. Slowly. Every time I think “I haven’t heard a sneeze in a while” I hear a huge, gross, productive sneeze.

Through all of this he has been sweet, active, playful, had a good appetite. (Except for one night when he was really low and was the reason he went for his first vet visit.)

I just want him better so he can find his (and Cool’s) home and, frankly, so I can finally clean up and get rid of the snot. The foster room is long overdue for a major cleanup and re-organization!

* the idea was to hit it hard


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Just a few photos to describe life these days:

Boxes are constant.

A rare awake — sort of — and still photo.

Jonesy has been quite needy; crawling into the toy box is unheard of.

These give me hope.

These are all flowers.

This was the last round of meds for Runnings.

Another box shot.

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Being bad

My sister came to “visit”. Ok, not really a visit. A drop-off of supplies. There was no hugging, no contact of any kind. But, holy smokes, it was good to see her!!

She works in a large, non-grocery retail store. The kind that has lots of household supplies. And it’s where I get my floor tiles for the foster room. Once Cool and Runnings are better and leave, the foster room needs a major cleaning and disinfecting. Unfortunately, the floor tiles are a product that the store, traditionally doesn’t deliver — in store purchase only. By the time they’d updated their website to add them to delivery we’d already come up with a plan. Plus she had some other stuff for me as well.

We were VERY safe. She and her husband are both still working outside their home so are very aware that they could potentially bring the virus to me. I’ve been in lockdown for over five weeks now so I’m pretty much no danger to them. They wore masks and we kept our distance. My brother-in-law wouldn’t even come in. 😦 I certainly appreciate all the supplies they brought! Especially since they also brought some for Cass who has been doing all my grocery shopping for me. A small payback.

Notice my little “helper” in the top left corner. 😉

And here’s what I did with some of it:

If they survive the kittens it will be a miracle. The set up has already been modified multiple times in an attempt to protect them!

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Jonesy seems to be enjoying a second kitten-hood.

He loved the tunnel when I had it out. (I couldn’t believe he fit!)

He always loves catnip. (Notice evidence of a hole in the toy!)

And, like a brat, he is not above using his entire length to block anyone else from sitting in the “best” seat.

He also seems to really be enjoying having me around all the time. Sometimes a little too much for me!

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It’s so hard to get motivated. It seems all my motivation goes towards working my day job. There’s not much left after that!

And the last few days of horror out of Nova Scotia has certainly not helped. Sunday was pretty difficult as I stayed glued to any and all news for updates. I have family there and they are right in the middle of it, geographically and emotionally. They are safe and well but, as expected they know, and know of, some of the victims. And my niece’s husband is an ER doctor at the main hospital in the area. Because being an ER doctor right now isn’t hard enough.

The cats amuse and distract, at least. The kittens are adorable and almost over their sneezing! (Cool is completely well; Runnings still has the occasional grossly productive sneeze.) They have been very persistent and have managed to get the old men playing with them. Secret games of chase that as soon as I clue in they stop cold. Lol.

I even caught Cool and Jonesy napping together, though the speed with which Jonesy jumped up and ran away when I pointed the camera at them had me laughing out loud:

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