After such a warm and easy fall, winter has hit with a vengeance! This morning it was -15°C (5°F) with a wind chill of -25°C (-13°F)! I know there are people out there who don’t believe in “wind chill”, but let me tell you, when you’re standing, waiting for the bus, wind chill is a thing! Luckily I have new, Murphy-approved, winter boots.


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The Girls

These girls are crazy! Zoom-zoom-zoom. And growl? Little Gamma gets very ferocious over toys (and food, sometimes). I got out “Da Bird” and they loved it! Not that Delta got much of a chance.

I think the photos show her pretty markings really well!

Patiently waiting her turn.

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Never a dull moment

This weekend (for reasons to be revealed later) I released the girls completely from the foster room. They are integrating well and are little dynamos who rarely hold still!

A rare quiet moment! (Delta)

Gamma (Jonesy on top!)

They’re very confident and have already started bossing all the bigger cats around, including:

this guy who showed up on Saturday! Meet Kabaka.

Check out that paw! Yup. He’s a “poly“.

He’s a sweetheart! Very affectionate and gentle. A little intimidated by all the other cats around here so, for now, he’s getting the foster room to himself.

Kabaka is a short-termer. 😉 He’s only here for three weeks while he gets some meds and his original foster people are away. He’s had a persistent and stubborn ear infection that we’re going to work on.

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Murphy …

… has been particularly goofy lately.

A couple of weeks ago, TCR got a big donation of food. I happened to have the use of a car that weekend so I went to the pick up and collected food for me and a bunch of other fosters. Some of it stuck around a few days and look who found it:

He is a master at sleeping weirdly but recently I came across the weirdest! Here he is, draped across my knapsack. There is no way he can actually sleep there — he’d fall off. But he stayed there for ages! It must be love. 😉

The white lines in the top left corner are Jonesy’s whiskers as he tries to get in on the photo action!

Other Murphy pics:

Don’t ask me which is his favourite! Every time I think I have it figured out he comes up with a new one.

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Quite a week!

Leonard was spoken for almost right away! Penny was adopted less than 24 hours after arriving at the store, Sheldon in less than 48 hours. (This store is great for adoptions, but credit-where-credit-is-due; one of our amazing website elves had the bios up just hours after I submitted them.) Leonard’s adoption was delayed when the potential adopter claimed his kids were sick so we gave them a couple of days — which we rarely do. When he never showed up and never contacted us by the extended deadline, Leonard was referred for someone else and picked up on Sunday.

With the kittens off to a store, I decided I would take a little break. We’re doing another big rescue in a couple of weeks. I figured I’d take my time cleaning the foster room and be ready and waiting for a couple of those newbies. Yeah, right.

On Thursday afternoon I got an email; could I take two kittens who were at the vet? I picked them up on the way home from work on Friday. The catch was that I hadn’t touched the foster room and I was out at a play on Thursday night. I got home from the play about 11pm and then had to start cleaning the foster room! Luckily the Big Bang kittens had never been sick, so a cursory job would do! Still, vacuuming at 11pm is not my idea of a good time. Or doing a load of laundry (though YAY for ensuite laundry!!!!!). Or washing and disinfecting litter boxes. But what you gonna do?

I picked up these two cuties:

Gamma (L) and Delta (R)

Apparently they’ve been having diarrhea issues, though they were fine at the vet and so far — knock wood — they’ve been fine here. They were from the last Quebec rescue and arrived with the names Delta and Gamma. But their original foster re-named them Cupcake and Donut. Ugh. Sorry. Can’t do it. So back to Delta and Gamma it is! I don’t think they’ll be here long. If their bowels stay stable for a week, it’s off for their spays and then probably into a store.



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Gone …

… but doing well!

The kittens had their surgery yesterday and all went well. The amazing Jen picked them up and took them to the store. Wanna know why I love Jen so much? She stayed with them for more than two hours, settling them and playing with them.

The store cat checks out the newcomers.

And they’re already posted: Leonard, Penny, Sheldon. I don’t think it’ll be long.

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We’re on the countdown. 😦  They’re booked for their snips early next week and will likely go straight to a store.

Sheldon loves toys! All the toys.

He was playing a little game of fetch with me but kept wandering off to check other toys.

Look in the upper left corner. 😉

Miscellaneous cute shots:

Penny, Sheldon, Leonard

Penny, Leonard



Live, Penny is the prettiest. But, my goodness, Sheldon is photogenic!



Penny and Bella!

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