Well, that was a night. The Inas had been free-roaming at night for a few nights.

I was awakened at 3am by screaming and running — the feline kind, not human, thank goodness. I jumped up and Murphy had Georgina cornered behind the curtains, under the livingroom window. Jonesy and Claudina were lurking, Blue was nowhere to be seen.

Georgina let me come right up to her so I picked her up and took her back to the foster room. I put Claudina in to keep her company but both of them put on their floof suits and did the Halloween pose. I let Claudina out again.

Poor Georgina had scattered pee along her trail so I cleaned that up.

I caught site of Blue heading into the bathroom to hide. I picked her up but she was completely freaked out and wanted no part of comfort from me. I tried to go back to bed but my heart was still pounding. I tried to put Claudina back in the foster room, and all was well.

I did eventually get back to sleep. When I got up, all seemed fine except that Blue was still acting weird. Everyone ate breakfast. When I let the Inas out of their room, Georgina immediately puffed up and began stalking Blue!!! What the?? This went on all morning; let her out, stalk Blue, back into confinement.

I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what happened. There was a carrier knocked off the top of the cage but that happens all the time. The following day’s events make me think that something happened between Blue and Georgina. No idea what or if it was “on purpose” or accidental. Then, Murphy did his protector thing, like he does for Jonesy. This is the ONLY bright spot in the whole episode. It means Blue is “in”! Perhaps, not coincidentally, just that night, for the first time that I know of, he let her sleep touching him. Briefly. Lol.

The next morning, all was normal again with insane games of chase with the three girls!

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It’s a miracle!

First this happened:

Claudina breaks the ice.

Then this:

Blue takes advantage.

Finally, this:

Jonesy gives up — for now.

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Oh, Murphy

The typical bedtime routine around here is to round up the ‘Inas into the foster room, give them a snack and then head to bed myself.

The other night almost immediately after turning out the lights, the foster room door began to rattle. Someone was trying to get out. They hadn’t done that since the first few nights they were here. I figured they’d settle down soon. Ten minutes later, not only was it still going on, it was getting more insistent; scratching on the glass and pounding on the door. I got up to see who it was and, hopefully, get them to settle. I flipped on the light and there was … Murphy! Locked in the foster room! I could have sworn he was in the living room cat tree when I herded the kittens into the room. And he didn’t appear when I went in the room and he didn’t appear when I gave them some Temptations!! I still don’t know where he was; it’s NOT a big room. Lol. I let him out and all was quiet — except for the very loud purring when he came to bed.

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First, some fun photos.

Adorable Miss Claudina
Jonesy is fascinated by the web cam on the foster room. He has never, that I can remember, ever paid attention to any other screen.
Everyone LOVES this box!
Blue is a very tense girl! 😉

There’s a chance I won’t be blogging anymore. At least not with WordPress. I HATEHATEHATE their new editor. And there no longer seems to be a way around using it.

I can’t upload multiple photos — only one at a time. Just writing is very rigid and inflexible. I work with layout for a living; I’m used to flexibility and not stupid squinchy boxes. You can’t go back and insert an element. You have to put it at the bottom and then move it up to the top!!!! Honestly, things that were so easy before are multiple steps now. And stupid pop up formatting boxes appear over what you’re typing! Those big gaps between the photos? The new editor doesn’t allow me to get rid of them.

The only way to revert to the old way is to PAY a yearly fee. Which I am not willing to do. There is another workaround but it involves javascript which neither of my browsers will allow.

I may look for a new site.

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Wordless Wednesday

Ok, not quite wordless.
Finally a photo of this pretty girl! She no longer runs when I come in the room. Her description says “black and white” but she only has  a few stray white hairs.

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All good

The girls had their spay surgery. Both had a bit of a rough time of it (nothing serious) but are recovering well. I was watching carefully on the camera and saw Georgina playing for the first time! (I suspect she did before but only while I slept.) She also paused coming out of the crate for me to pet her! She’s mostly accepting pets though she still often runs and hides.

The day before her surgery. You can see she still had a snotty nose.

The best I can do is a photo through the window of the door. She still runs from me when I go in.

Last week we finally came out of full lockdown* — which we’ve been in since Boxing Day! (Though school was in-person.) Non-essential retail stores are open again so we’re hoping that adoption centres in our partner stores will open soon. Since Claudina has a while to go on her meds still, I’ve been asked to “save” them for a store.

*only essential (grocery, drugstores) retail were open to in-store shopping. The rest had delivery and curbside pick-up only. Now, non-essential retail is open. Still no restaurants or personal services.
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Raising the white flag

The second day the ‘ina girls were here, Claudina sneezed an enormous sneeze and sprayed the window with snot. But she was alert and playful, she was eating well, and her eyes were clear. I was hoping she’d be able to shake it off herself.

Over the next week, while her eyes remained clear, her nose got more and more stuffed up, her appetite went down and she was sleeping all the time. (Georgina, though still very scared, has shown no symptoms at all and continues to eat very well!) So I caved and submitted a medical request. Here’s the video I was able to get when they asked for one:

Such an obliging little peanut. A nice close-up of her plugged nose, a sneezing fit, and her own desperate attempt to clear the snot from her nose!

So she’s on antibiotics. I hope they work as fast for her as they do on younger kittens. She is a tiny thing — only 1850 g (4lbs) — and needs to eat more!

She’s so sweet and affectionate but I’m wary of spending much time in there. The last thing I need is for Blue to get a cold!

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More scenes from a weekend

Every once in a while — between hisses and growls — I catch Blue and Murphy playing “patty paws”. Always with Murphy up high and Blue down below.

Murphy loves boxes sooooooo much.

I made a little enrichment toy for Blue. I think Murphy got all the treats.

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Oh Murphy!

I know this might look like he’s interested in the newcomers, but what I think he really wants is this:

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New girls!

The new girls are here. Complete with names — again (sorry Olivia).

Apparently they were the last two pulled from this “hoard” (there is another one!) and came via the vet clinic, though they’re not spayed yet. They are terrified, of course. I left them alone except for a couple of checks the first evening. They ate and used the litter overnight but were still pretty shy the next morning. Then this happened:

That’s Claudina. She is vocal and curious and is constantly moving. She and Blue have checked each other out through the window. Blue is curious and hissy. Just like she was with the Fluffies.

Then there’s Georgina:

Oddly enough, Georgina was first out of the carrier and was sitting in the window for a bit. I suspect she’s just overwhelmed.

They are probably not siblings. The vet aged them at five months (Claudina) and six months (Georgina). I’m not even sure at this point if they’re friends!

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