Little Manny is just visiting for a couple of weeks while is “real” foster is away on business.ย His sisters were spayed last week and have already been adopted. He should have been adopted already but, poor little dude, when he went for his surgery only one testicle had descended. So we’re going to wait a little while and then send him back.

Photo courtesy C. Caldwell

Photo courtesy C. Caldwell

He is a delightful little guy. He and his siblings were considered “in need of socialization” and his foster person has done an amazing job! He is friendly and outgoing and, mostly, took taking the bus and going to work in stride. He’s a chatty little guy with a huge purr. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Brendan was away (that’s why the photos are by another co-worker) and while someone used his office, Manny snoozed on their lap for a good portion of the afternoon.

I did notice he seemed a little intimidated by space. His original foster home is a very small apartment — good for socializing — so some bigger spaces are good for him. He’s going to be fun to have around.


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Another temporary guest

Meet Manny:


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I was petting him while he was eating (as I try to do) and decided to try a butt skritch. He lifted his butt and tail and let me continue! Gotta love progress.

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Lucky is doing much better — in some ways.

He’s eating well. He’s active and alert. He explores all the time and spends a lot of time in the windows. He plays with Jonesy and Murphy — a lot! I assume it’s play as there’s just a lot of running and skidding across the floor. No hissing, no dramatic screams from Jonesy. ๐Ÿ˜‰ย  And I finally saw him walking with his tail up.

So annoyed this photo is blurry!

He still wants nothing to do with me. ๐Ÿ˜ฆย  Occasionally (not always) if he’s curled up somewhere he’ll let me pet him. Still doesn’t enjoy it, though.

I’m thinking I’ll post him to the website anyway. Stay tuned.


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Wordless Wednesday

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In the following story, the names have been changed to protect the surprised. ๐Ÿ˜‰

One of our Foster Homes has quickly become a specialist in shy, timid cats. “Joe” was sent to her and has been making slow, but remarkable progress. He’s very, very withdrawn and seems to have forgotten how to be a cat. After a couple of weeks it was decided try a “play date” with another foster cat. It went ok but not outstanding.

In the meantime, there was another very timid cat at the Volunteer Centre. Cat caretakers had noted that she was very shy and tried to hide in her bedding. It was decided to move “Jessie” to Joe’s Foster Home. The introduction went fine and Jessie was much happier in a home.

The second day in her Foster Home, I got an urgent email from the FH. Something was very wrong; Jessie was screaming and clearly in pain. They were considering rushing her to a vet. Unfortunately, the email arrived while I was on my way home from work so I didn’t immediately get it. Ten minutes after the first email there was another:

Subject: Emergency over
Message: Sheโ€™s just given birth to one black kitten!!!

There was NO suggestion that she was pregnant. The assumption (based on the state of her nipples) was that she’d recently had kittens! Kind of like Oprah.

Hahahahahahahaha! Meet our first born kitten of the year, Sparrow:

Photo credit: Sparrow’s Foster

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My favourite word when it comes to foster cats. (When it comes to computers — or my rage-inducing cable provider — not so much. ๐Ÿ˜‰ )

Mickey — now “Whisper” — and Fudge are doing GREAT! They even have a canine brother who they get along with (thanks Bella for showing them dogs can be nice!). Here’s the word from their adopter:

Photo courtesy their adopter.

We changed Mickey’s name to Whisper and he is great at responding to it already. I will now refer to him as Whisper.

Fudge was so timid at [the store] and while he hid for a few hours over the first two days that he was here, he doesn’t hide anymore. He is more confident here and while he and Whisper still love to snuggle, play and spend time together, Fudge doesn’t seem dependent on Whisper anymore. He will greet us in the morning by himself if Whisper is still sleeping. And Fudge *loves* to talk! He is always saying something to us. He also loves sitting in the front window so he can watch the squirrels. And despite what one of the photos depicts, Fudge has not developed a drinking problem.

Photo courtesy their adopter.

Whisper is exactly the same as he was at [the store]. He is just the sweetest little cat. He is very affectionate and enjoys being with us. He is always interested in seeing what we’re doing and is usually nearby.

They both love to play with toys and they play wrestle with each other several times each day so they are both happy and active.

Photo courtesy their adopter.

They also both get along with our dog, Mocha, although they are all still trying to figure out their boundaries. They (Whisper, in particular) have taken over the big dog bed. But sometimes Whisper will let Mocha lie on it with him.

Overall, Whisper and Fudge are doing fantastic and we are so happy to have them in our family!

Photo courtesy their adopter.

Happy Tails, indeed!

BONUS: a wee update on Elijah:

He is such a happy kitty and so full of life! He is adjusting so well and so is our kitty Lynk. He is now getting up and down the stairs with almost no issues! … We have named him Tippy due to him tipping over and being wobbly lol We love him he’s super sweet!

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