So let’s see …

… what’s been going on?

Well, as hinted, Carmela is CarmelO. 😉  At least I found out before I left him/her at the vet’s for surgery. She came to work with me and on the way home I stopped at the vet for food for Tux. They, of course, wanted some snuggle time with Carm. “What are you — oh, you’re a boy.” Me: “What????” As before, I never checked. When I let his former foster know she said that originally, when he was handed over from the shelter they said he was a boy. When he got sick, the clinic said he was a girl. Then I got him. I’m still going with it’s not 100% until he has his surgery!

Tux is having a rough time. He really, really hates Carmelo, who won’t leave him alone. He’s pretty good with Carm; just runs away. But sometimes it leads to misdirected aggression which he takes out on Murphy. Not to mention litter box accidents. It means quite the juggling act of who is confined where and when. Generally, if I’m home, everyone is free and I do my best to run interference. At night, Carmelo is confined to the crate. During the day while I’m away, Tux is confined to the foster room. We’re going to try him in a new foster home with no other cats.

We had an amazing adoptathon last weekend! All of our Pet Valu partner stores participated. We had 31 adoptions! Mostly kittens but some adults and seniors, too. I didn’t have any fosters there but eight from “my” foster homes all got adopted — including FOUR cerebellar hypoplasia kittens!!!

We needed some good news. The week before we had a HORRIBLE Friday. One of my best foster homes contacted me around lunchtime. She has four kittens and the smallest one (less than 200g/7ounces when she got him!) wasn’t doing well. Although he’d always been a fighter, and had been making great progress, he was suddenly lethargic and uninterested in eating. We sent her to the vet clinic immediately. Right away the clinic contacted us; they feared the worst and were doing an x-ray. Sadly, it pointed directly at FIP. The poor little guy was full of fluid. Another foster (who I know well) was also at the clinic with a not-doing-well-kitten. Unbelievably it, too, was diagnosed with FIP. I bleeping HATE that disease. The odds of two separate and unrelated cats coming into a clinic on the same day with FIP; I can’t even imagine. My foster — who is very young but soaking up cat care knowledge like a sponge! — was devastated. She couldn’t bear to stay. Fortunately, the other foster is one of our rock stars. She stayed and she (and the clinic) put the two kittens together.

My foster’s little Thor, on the right.

So the kittens had feline and human company for their last journey. There were plenty of tears, both at the clinic and over keyboards across the city. So unfair.

But we soldier on with this rescue thing. Kitten season was late and is STILL slamming us. Check this out:That’s all you get. More later. 😉


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I know I’ve been absent and neglectful of the blog. Trust me most of my energy is going to cats in one from or another! Including these two:

Yes, Tux really hates him (Yes, we’ve had another sex change; Carmela is Carmelo! That’s another story.) Carmelo thinks it’s a game. Tux, not so much. Fortunately (?) he redirects his anger to Murphy who is well able to defend himself.

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A long weekend of photos

It was Canadian Thanksgiving this past weekend, so it was a long weekend. I stayed home and tried to play “catch up” but somehow I never seem to get a handle on things these days. As fast as I clear tasks, more pop up. But I did manage to get a bunch of photos. You’ll see what a lively group they were:

We had a house guest! Meet Sarah.

And this happened!

Mr. Snuggly; the white is me. 😉

Enjoying the sunshine.

Keeping track of fosters is exhausting!

Sarah loved exploring but Carmela was SO excited to have a playmate she was a bit overwhelming.

Mellowing in his old age?

Discovered he loves the ‘nip!


Handsome devil!

There was a CRAZY amount of racing around on the part of Sarah and Carmela. Mostly Carmela giving chase. I kept intervening and giving Sarah a break until I realized that she was happily doing some of the chasing. It’s just that she hasn’t been around other cats and she doesn’t quite know how to communicate. So there’s a lot of “sound and fury signifying nothing”. 😉 But she still needed more breaks than Carmela did. Carmela is the energizer bunny!!

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One of THOSE weekends!

Two of my foster homes had kitten emergencies that we had to scramble to get a vet visit booked. All is well but then I had to arrange a move for one of those (and her sibling) to a new foster home. 😦

Then this arrived:

Meet Carmela!

We are becoming quite the tuxy household!! She’s supposed to be short term. She just needs to get big enough for her spay then off she goes. She’s a foster transfer; her original foster is going away.

And this happened:

Jonesy has been quite hissy with Tux. Of course, as soon as that improved, Murphy decided he didn’t want Tux around anymore. Jealous? There has been a couple of tiffs. And apprently when Tux gets upset, he pees. 😦  Just outside the litter box, but still. He’s posted now so hopefully he’ll get adopted soon. If not, there’s an adoptathon coming up. I might be able to get him in there.


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A non-fostering post

Here’s an adorable kitten shot to soften you up:

Toronto Cat Rescue is desperate for non-fostering volunteers. Though we need those too, of course, plenty of people can’t foster. There is a tonne of admin work. All you need is time and a computer. We can train and support you while you learn but intermediate computer skills and at least a basic knowledge of Google docs would help a lot. All of the admin work can be done from home. Keep in mind that these jobs keep moving cats through the system. Without them, we couldn’t do what we do.

Some of the admin jobs are listed here, but there are plenty more than what’s there. So go on, fill out the form! Lend a hand!

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Amelia update

Remember Amelia? She’s doing GREAT! She’s been eating well since she got to her new foster home and improving daily. Reports are, the better she feels, the bigger her personality gets. I’m so happy for this girl!

She was quite anemic before (of course) but has since been retested and she’s fine now. Even ready for her spay and vaccines! Next stop: Forever Home.

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Not long at all

About an hour after Dixie left, looked who showed up at my door (courtesy of our amazing store placement coordinator and volunteer driver):

He’s a SWEETHEART! Not shy, came shooting out of the carrier (admittedly too small for him) and started exploring the room. Poo-poo’d my suggestion of a hiding place under the desk! It seems the poor guy was peeing inappropriately and his owners surrendered him to Toronto Animal Services. They, of course, discovered crystals. Sigh. The problem was solved with food and he was adopted out. But his new family didn’t feed him his special food, he relapsed, and he was unceremoniously dumped back at our PetSmart partner store adoption centre!

The red under his chin is the neckline of my t-shirt! He’s pressed up against me, hugging me.

The first night when I went in to spend some time and take some photos he climbed on my lap. Then he walked himself up my torso and proceeded to put his paws on either side of my neck and squeeeeeeeze. And rubbed his nose in my ear. And drooled. He is a DARLING! And he’s a senior — just. Eight years old. Kitten-schmitten, somebody is getting a bargain when they get this big ol’ hunk o’ love!

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