The results are in …

… and they’re NEGATIVE! No ringworm!!

So the first thing I did when I got home was release them all. HUGE success. The kittens started running around almost immediately. Jasmine kept calling them back but finally she caved and came out. She walked right up to Murphy, who was sitting on my shoes. There was a brief nose touch, then he hissed, then she hissed back and walked away. Pretty good. She continued to explore and went in and out of the foster room.

Murphy slunk away and jumped up in the window.

The kittens were little maniacs! Running and leaping and thumpity-thumpity-ing across the floor. SO much fun to watch — and listen to. Jasmine eventually jumped up on the couch to watch.

I had my class so I had to herd them up and back into the room. When I got back they were all completely conked out and hadn’t eaten their dinner! Too much excitement — the good kind. But soon after I returned, I could hear them thumping around in there so I let them out again. More hijinks ensued. Then I heard a bit of a disturbance in the foster room. Jonesy had snuck in and was eating their dinner! Jasmine was having NONE of that. She had politely greeted both boys on “their” turf but DO NOT come into her lair! And do not add insult to injury by eating their dinner! Jonesy — literally — tucked his tail between his legs and retreated. Don’t mess with mama.



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Catticus and her 15 minutes of fame

Back when Catticus (now Sparrow) was still here …

I wrote that my neighbour’s grandson’s school was fundraising for Project Velcro. Then I remembered (because he surprised me with a visit at work) that a former co-worker is now a teacher at that school! We talked and realized how nice it would be for all the kids to see a little bit of where their efforts went.

So Catticus was packed up and taken to meet the “Me to We Club” — the kids mostly responsible for the fundraising.

My friend David, the teacher,  picked me up and drove me to the school. We had a few quiet minutes before she was “on”. She calmly explored David’s classroom (his students were all in art class). At the appointed time we headed to another classroom. Word had clearly leaked out; pretty much every kid we passed noticed her in the carrier. Funny for me because adults rarely notice I have anything in that carrier. It’s one of those like-a-gym-bag ones.

We got to the classroom and I sat at the front, Catticus in her carrier at my feet. The kids (and a number of teachers!) trooped in and settled themselves on the floor around us. Once everyone was settled, I gave a little talk on Toronto Cat Rescue and Project Velcro, thanking them for their help. Then I opened the carrier. Catticus popped her head out and looked around — at about 20 pairs of eyes staring at her! She jumped out, headed away from them, and did a circuit around the outside edge of the classroom. Once she’d done her survey she started weaving in and around the kids, happily receiving pets and attention. Such a great little ambassador!

After half an hour we headed back to David’s classroom. She explored and played for a bit until David’s students got back from art class. They had a little visit and the day was done. The kids left and David drove us home — and had a visit with the kittens, of course!

My friend David!

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The destruction continues!

Apparently, I am going to have to change my den into a full time foster room. Of course I rarely have kittens this big and rambunctious; they’d usually be gone. Here’s the latest:

Somebody pushed the painted rock cat up over a lip on the top of the drawer unit onto the poor piggy bank below. That rock cat weighs a pound! I weighed it because I couldn’t believe they managed to move it.

More sharp pieces — ceramic this time — on the floor. And tiny sharp bits in all the coins! I had to pick up the coins one at a time to shake off the bits and put them in another container. Then more scary vacuuming and a careful wipe of the desk.

They also broke the glass on my Tavi photo, (sacrilege that nearly got them booted out the door!) and took apart a tiny, framed Bruges lace cat I have. I think I can salvage it.

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Did I say calm kittens?

Well, they didn’t break the lamp before. Just the innards of the bulb. HOWEVER …

There I was, minding my own business with some TV and a glass of wine when bang, pop, smash. I ran in the foster room and, sure enough, the lamp was on the floor, bulb smashed. Little slivers of light bulb glass everywhere! And curious noses sniffing all over. Nothing to do but grab the vacuum and scare everyone. I hated doing it and they were all pretty scared, though not as scared as Murphy is, brave kittens. (I’ve vacuumed right outside their door while they watched.) When I finished they were all lined up on the window sill. And they were calm enough to let me pick them up, turn them over, and examine all their paws. I put them all back in the tower, not thinking for a second they’d stay. But they did. Until I got the camera, of course.

See number four’s tail disappearing at the bottom?

Oh, Quince. So expressive!

A little bit later only two were in tower, but sound asleep.

Ever since, they’ve been little maniacs, knocking down pictures and books and getting places they’ve never tried before.

It’s not the first time the lamp has been knocked over. Not even the first the bulb has broken, but the it’s the first time it’s smashed. I think I need a new, more stable, safer lamp.

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Jonesy! or Why I Can’t Have Nice Things

The other day I picked some lilacs from the tree at work. I looooove lilacs. I carefully brought them home, put them in a vase, and placed them on the table.

The next day when I got home they were already wilting! I felt bad for picking them but  also thought, “Wow, those were some thirsty flowers!”. Then I looked closely and noticed some of them — though still in the vase — were pulled up out of the water. I put them all back and some were still just fine. Then this morning:

And to add insult to injury:
Jonesy!! (upraised fist and Khan voice)

I guess I should be glad he didn’t break the vase.

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Every litter eventually discovers this “toy”.

It’s the strap that holds the foster room door closed! 😉 Sometimes I don’t tighten it enough. Sometimes I forget to tighten it at all — like apparently last night! Let’s back up a bit … I’ve found the Flower kittens to be the calmest litter I’ve ever had. They’re playful, of course, and chase each other around. But they’re not destructive and they’re not mischievous. At least they weren’t. This morning I woke up before the alarm, slowly. At one point I was aware of Jasmine meowing — loudly — which she hasn’t done since her surgery. I sat up to wait for the radio to come on and there was Murphy lying on the dresser. Unusual, but not unheard of. Suddenly, two little black blurrs ran around the edge of the bed and back!! I jumped up and went to investigate. There was Jasmine outside the room and all four kittens! Jasmine ran back in. The kittens scattered. I spent the next few minutes rounding them up. I’d forgotten to tighten the strap. I have no idea how long they were out but I suspect the kittens went exploring and the meowing I heard from Jasmine was her trying to get them back.

Oh and they broke my lamp. At least it won’t turn on.

Don’t let that innocent face fool you! (Quince)


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Not cats

I LOVE the rain as long as I’m not heading out anywhere (heading home is fine) or camping. I especially love thunderstorms. Fortunately, unless it’s really loud and violent, the resident cats aren’t afraid of them.

We had our first real (at least in waking hours) thunderstorm(s) of the season the other evening. The rain is so hard that you can barely hear the big peal of thunder (about 0.19) that happened while I was filming!

Of course the week after this brought record rainfall and flooding all over southern Ontario and Quebec!


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