A week and a half ago I moved the cage into the foster room. I moved Moka/Cheena from the top to the bottom and propped the door open. I thought Moka would be anxious to move out and into the bigger space of the room. Nope. She would occasionally come out for a sit (or to pee on the towels/toys I left out!) but she mostly stayed in the cage. I set up a ramp so that if Cheena came out she had a chance of getting back in.

I tried a couple of times to get Cheena to eat solid food. No go. I’d take her out to play but with no siblings around she’s a little slow to develop certain behaviours. Finally, I went in one morning and both of them were out of the cage! I decided I would make it a permanent move for them; Cheena needed space to explore and exercise. As I was standing there Cheena came over and started chomping on my toes! I quickly went and mixed up a slurry for her and she dove in! I thought that would be it but … kittens. She refused again for the next few days. Finally, I think Moka decided it was time and started to close the milk bar. I’ve got a couple more solid meals into her. I hope it continues; I want to integrate her with the newcomers so she gets the benefit of siblings.

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A little more …

Here’s the final chapter on “The 300” — correction 347!!!!! Toronto Animal Services posted about it (scroll down to May 16th). For some reason WordPress won’t let me embed the Facebook post. I’m pretty sure the reason is that Facebook and WordPress are fighting. 😦

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You know it’s a long weekend when …

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Oh, no!

So this happened last night:

Sassy and Jonesy had a dust-up on my laptop!!
Hard to see; one photo is blurry and the other has glare. But I no longer have a “c” on my keyboard! And the “e” is being difficult. I think I have the pieces but I can’t figure out how they go back together. The “c” works fine. The “e” is sticky and annoying.

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We’ve gone national and international again and again and again.

In fact, we got a tonne of coverage. Some articles are more … accurate than others! (If you saw the last one — the “100” — you may notice a number of outlets use those photos as if they were this situation!!) If you’re curious Google “300 cats Toronto”.

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Some weekend photos


Well, hello little blue eyes!


That was the Mothers’ Day photo used on the Toronto Cat Rescue Facebook page. 🙂


Sassy love the toy basket.

My sister was here on the weekend. She took one look at Sassy and said (rather harshly, I think!) “What’s wrong with her eyes?!” Now, I’ve noticed that Sassy has a bit of a funny face but I couldn’t put my finger on what was different — besides that it’s very small and delicate. Once it was pointed out I realized, yes, her eyes are unusual. I spent a good part of the next day trying to figure it out. Finally, it came to me. She has very heavy eyebrows and they make the top of her eyes look flat! It gives her a heavy-lidded look. A little bit of Betty Davis eyes. 🙂

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Farewell little hoardees!

The girls were scheduled to go to one of our partner stores. It’s the one with a separate adoption room, so lots of space to play, and volunteers who will work with cats who are a little more skittish. Although as soon as we decided that, a) they got a referral and b) they made a huge leap forward in their socialization.

The referral was for someone who wanted to meet them but only adopt one. 😦  Although it’s hard to be sad about an adopter who waited — literally — weeks while another foster home made numerous attempts to crate her foster cat! After finally succeeding, the foster home decided to adopt the cat herself!

We scheduled a meeting and it went well. The adopter arrived, the girls had been sleeping so I was able to have them both in my arms (yes, that’s how dramatically improved their socialization was; both being held in front of a stranger!) so she could see them both. Then I let them go and we both got down on the floor with toys. Groot quickly started playing. Ayesha took a wee bit more convincing but soon both were chasing toys around the livingroom in front of us. It took a while (I wouldn’t want to have to choose!) but the adopter chose Ayesha. Happy trails, little girl. But don’t fret — Groot had someone waiting in the wings for her. 😉  Her meet and greet was soon after. She’s going to stay with me for a bit because her new family is travelling this weekend but it’s all signed and sealed.


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