Another hoarding situation

Last week TCR got the call; 80 to 100 cats in one home. What started out as an act of kindness — the person took in four or five cats after their owner died — quickly got completely out of hand. When a complaint was lodged, Toronto Animal Services and TCR were called in.

After a panleukopenia scare, the cats and kittens were cleared for foster. On Saturday we pulled and placed (some at a clinic) 46 cats and kittens. Most seemed ok with just possible routine parasite issues to deal with. I picked up these two sweeties:

“Groot”; female, 1 yr

“Ayesha”; female, 12 weeks (see the white tip on her tail!?)









They are shy but handle-able and Groot has even enjoyed some cheek and chin scritches.

I initially put them in the bathroom because the big cage was in the foster room and these girls aren’t getting anywhere near Bailey for at least two weeks. Too bad because Sassy has been responding to their cries and I think she could comfort them. On Sunday I braved Sassy’s temper (she change*!) and managed to get the big cage out. When I moved the girls into it, they seemed to like it much better than the bathroom. Groot, especially, was more interested in exploring and watching the world.

They were vomiting (and foamy) the first couple of days and not eating despite being offered a bunch of choices. They seemed quite nauseated, whether from parasite meds or from stress, but finally Ayesha ate some crunchy treats and one of those cream/tube/treat things. So far Groot hasn’t eaten (unless she had some of the treats when I wasn’t looking) and she foams when I offer her wet food. Poor girl. I also have a strong suspicion (body language) that she’s in heat! Rescued just in time!


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Genius Bailey

Bailey is using the litterbox and eating solid food!

I don’t think he’s eating enough to sustain himself, but we’ll get there.

I found a couple of little poops on the floor and then discovered two places he’d been peeing. I put a couple of temp litterboxes in those two spots and — voila! — he’s been using a litterbox ever since. Genius. 😉

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More Bailey!

Just look at this cutie-pie.

Those first few days he had me a little worried with how uninterested he seemed to be in the world. But kitten-curiousity is taking over. I’ve seen him out exploring on his own and now he’s figured out what toys are for!

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It’s that time of year again!

Yes, it’s Bowlathon time! Our biggest single fundraiser.

Last year we raised an amazing $40,000. This year is our 15th annual event and, after rescuing and adopting out 2700 cats and kittens in 2018, we are aiming high — $50,000.

I am once again on the organizing committee and will once again be making a bunch of catnip-filled tails for all the participants. I started a while ago and here’s former foster Nelly-now-Misty being helpful (I’ll be getting human help, too):







The event is on June 1st. We are taking over the entire venue and hope to fill it. So if you live in Toronto why not sign up to come on out and have a fun afternoon of bowling and laughter? We have great prizes, good food, and a LOT of fun.

If you’re not in the area and would like to donate, here’s my page:
Help Heather’s Fosters

(Check it out anyway for some of my favourite “before & after” photos!)

Help me make this our most successful Bowlathon ever.

Bonus adorable kitten photo:



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Not just me

The resident cats have also developed a healthy fear respect of mama Sassy. The other morning Sassy was reaching under the foster room doors. I’m not sure what she was up to; I haven’t seen her do that, though I’ve heard her. Usually when fosters do that, the boys will at least check out the paw(s). Not this time. Jonesy took one look at that swinging paw and gave the door a very wide berth! Murphy was sitting nearby and stopped purring when he noticed the paw of doom. I suspect there may have been some nighttime shenanigans that I missed. LOL.

I don’t have any photo evidence but I do have this video of goofy Murphy in a shipping bag. Turn up the sound!

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This little peanut …

… gave me a bit of a scare. On Thursday it became clear he was vomiting and losing weight. Neither drastically so it wasn’t an emergency but something had to be done. Fortunately I had a tiny bit of appropriate medicine so I dosed him for worms. Friday night he was still vomiting so I was really starting to get concerned. I’ve been preaching patience to other foster homes and I need to take my own advice. He was alert and nursing so there was that. Saturday morning I got up and peered bleary-eyed through the window into the foster room. My heart sank; a big puddle of vomit right outside the nest. I brushed my teeth, washed my face, and went in. Not vomit! A toy! Lol. Fortunately no vomit the rest of the weekend and a nice weight gain.

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Don’t mess with mama

Sassy really is an odd girl! Bailey has started exploring and Sassy is fine with that. He runs to meet me when I come in the room (!!!) and she couldn’t care less. I think mostly because she’s too busy eating, but not completely.

However, last night I thought I’d get rid of their box and just leave a bed out. She’s more relaxed, he’s exploring. Well, that was a HARD NO. She went a little crazy. I was actually in the middle of changing my mind (there will be workers in my place a few times over the next 10 days and I realized she should have her safe place) when she made it VERY clear that box wasn’t going anywhere. When I dropped it she crawled right in. I had to figure out a way to get the bed back in without her taking my arm off. I finally managed by luring her out with treats and quickly using a long pole to push the bed back in. A few minutes later I was allowed to pet her while she ate. Weirdo. 😉

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