Food wars

Tami is a fussy eater. She’s also waaaaay too skinny. So we’re fighting over food. She’ll eat one kind of food for one meal and refuse it the next. And she doesn’t eat much at a time. I’ve had a little more success with cheap kibble. Temptations were a huge hit at first but then she even refused those (don’t worry, Kelly, she’s eating them again).

Not that she isn’t doing an excellent job!

I now have all kinds of food! It’s like a pet store in here.

To top it off the Spice kittens have gone off their food! But at least I quickly figured out an alternative for them.

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Murphy is still displeased

I put the box ready for recycling and of course the kittens started messing around with it. So I left it. Later that night:

Murphy lost this one. After the “I don’t care” scratching at the end he laid down, this battle lost. If he can get Jonesy in a clinch, he’ll win. But he always loses slap fights because Jonesy’s reach is so much longer. Lol.

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The (non) return of Fez

As I mentioned, Fez was the only Hat kitten not adopted the weekend they went to the store.

I got an email on Tuesday night; “Can Fez come back to his foster home? He’s not doing well at the store without his siblings.” OF COURSE! So it was all arranged that a volunteer would bring him to me the next evening.

Skip to the next morning … I got an email saying he was doing better and maybe he should stay. Then another email saying he’d lost too much weight too quickly and he should come to me. Then another email saying a volunteer had spent significant time with him and that he was eating, drinking, grooming — doing much better — and he should stay. Finally I got an email saying that, actually, he was being adopted! By one of the store volunteers! That evening he was in his new home, already being welcomed by his new feline siblings! I got a message the next day that he was eating everything in sight!

I had asked the volunteer if they could bring my some food for Mama Tami when they brought Fez back. I also bribed with a visit with the T family. After the email about the adoption she emailed me as asked if it was “ok” if she still came to visit the kittens and bring food!! Like I had to think about that. She brought a bunch of the food that Mama Tami has decided she will eat (mostly) and refused payment for it. At least she got a nice visit with the family and quick snuggle with one of the Spice kittens. 😉

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Murphy is displeased

I received this package (a scratching post for Mama Tami) and tossed the box on the table. Murphy immediately claimed it. Later I looked over and caught this … the look on Murphy’s face! They never sit up there together. For some reason he was unwilling to actually fight for it but it looks, to me, like he’s trying to use his mind to make Jonesy move. 🙂

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The T family

In all the chaos, I never properly introduced these cuties. The names just came to me as sometimes they do. I finally got some quiet time with them after moving them into the foster room.

Tucker (M)

Talli (F)

Timmie (M)

Taylor (F)

It’s really hard to get a picture of Taylor. She’s black and she’s wiggly. At least this one has a little bit of tongue peeping out!


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What a weekend — the good kind.

Friday night the remaining five “Hat” kittens went to one of our stores. Two had referrals before the store closed! By Sunday night four had been adopted, Gatsby and Cloche together! Only Fez was left.

Never would I have thought that getting down to eight fosters would be a relief. Lol. But the Spice kittens are still little enough that they just run around — they’re not into everything and jumping up everywhere like the Hat kittens! And the Ts are no trouble at all — yet.

I spent six hours on Saturday cleaning, disinfecting, and reorganizing the foster room. A lot of work but so very worth it. I took the opportunity to clear some more clutter out. I also finally replaced the lamp that kept getting tipped over — a much brighter one, too.

I moved the T family in and I’m pretty sure mama approves. She seems much happier.

The Spice kittens are back in the cage but now they have both levels. I let them out to play but they eat and sleep in there.

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The Spice girls

Something hit these little peanuts hard. First Sage, then Cardamom, finally Paprika. Cardi got it the worst. She lost the most weight. They all were vomiting and had terrible diarrhea. Dewormer didn’t make a dent in it. I finally couldn’t stand it and started them on some antibiotics. The change was fast and miraculous. In 12 hours I saw an improvement. In 24 hours they were eating like little ponies again. After three days, they had all gained back the weight they’d lost — and more. Cardi gained 200g (7 oz)!! Considering that meant she was about 860g, that’s a significant gain! I’d been worried they wouldn’t make weight for their surgery (booked for the 27th) but I’m not anymore!

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