Four years!

Today is the fourth anniversary of getting my first foster! I had been on the foster list a few weeks but all my potentials had fallen through (we did things differently then). Finally, on March 25th, 2013 I drove to a far corner of the city and picked up sweet, soft grey, Luke. Luke wasn’t doing well in our partner store and had stopped eating. I only had him about three weeks before he was adopted. He was almost returned for “peeing issues” but was re-homed within his adopter’s family and was very happy as an only cat.

Since then, including the Flowers, I’ve had 86 foster cats or kittens! Looking back, I only had seven in the first year. Of course, that was when I thought I could only manage one at a time. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!  Since January 1st of this year, again including the Flowers, I’ve had 13.

Of the 86, only five were seniors! It feels like a lot more than that. 61 were a year or less. So it would seem I come close to reflecting the statistics of the organization as a whole or at least our intake from Toronto Animal Services.

from the TCR 2016 Annual Report

My first senior with health issues was my third foster (Xavi) and I thought that was it. But she was adopted less than a month after being posted! I had my first bottle feeders (the Author kittens) a year after I started. Cute, but OH! the work. My most “famous” was Baxter who was the 350th (their goal) adoption at Toronto’s first Mega Adoptathon event. And of course there was my first (and thankfully so far only) emergency run with poor Leah. I’m extremely grateful that I haven’t lost any fosters in my direct care, though I’ve had two pass away after being adopted and poor Jellybean before he had a chance to be adopted.

Four rewarding years! Don’t get me wrong; it certainly hasn’t been all sunshine and rainbows. There have been tough times, nail-biting times, frustrating times. My favourite jug was broken by a foster. But there have also been heart-melting times, joyous times, belly laugh times, and a whole heck of a lot of cute! Much as they grumble and posture, I think it’s mostly good for the resident cats, too.

So I’ll continue to step up when needed and I’ll risk my heart and we’ll keep at it.

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She’s baaack …

I’ve been incommunicado at a conference the last couple of days.

And y’all didn’t even know she was gone!

I thought Catticus was leaving. There was store space for her at wonderful Jen’s store!! Yay! So Jen made the huge sacrifice to come and visit the kittens pick up Catticus and take her to the store. I was very sad — despite having come home to this the night before:


And she’d knocked a glass bowl (it didn’t break) and its contents off the coffee table. (I found one thing behind the toilet.) And she broke an earring (I can fix it). And she disappeared an earring (I hope I can find it). And she kept waking me up at 5am to race around me and the covers.




However, there had been a miscommunication somewhere along the line and Catticus needs dental work. So Kelly, one of our volunteer drivers (I like to sing their praises every chance I get) saved Jen a long return trip — who in turn was prepared to save me a long transit ride after a long day — and visited the kittens brought Catticus back.

Much like at the Volunteer Centre, she quickly made a big impression at the store:

I got to meet Catticus this morning and she is unbelievably sweet!  She literally jumped up on my shoulder as soon as i opened her cage and she pretty much draped herself across my chest.  What a personality!!!  I got her all riled up playing with some toys too.  She’s quite tiny so much fun to be with!  If you get a chance to pop by the store to visit her this afternoon I strongly recommend it.  Cats like her don’t come around too often.

— one of Jen’s volunteers

Jen’s photo from the store

Kelly, the driver, had already met her when she was picking up a cat from the Volunteer Centre. She’d take her home in a heartbeat but her mean husband has put a three cat limit on the household. 😉

So my sweet girl is back and now the resident cats are sad. 🙂 She’ll be here for a little while longer; long enough to have her dental work done and recover from that. Then, maybe back to the store.

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There’s still time …

… to participate in the Bowl-a-thon! Sign up here.

We’ve got an ambitious goal and signing yourself or a team up is a fun way to help. It’s a great day, whether you’re a good bowler or not. Good food, great company, fun “swag”, and lovely prizes.

It’s really not that hard to raise the funds — you’ll be surprised how willing people are to help.

If you can’t bowl, you can always sponsor me here. A million thanks to those of you who already have. I’ve almost raised enough to pay for Jasmine and the Flowers’s check ups and spay/neuter surgeries!

Jasmine and maybe-a-girl Quince!

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They’re starting to play

Sort of.

They are definitely getting to the adorable stage. They come running when I get down and talk to them!! I am disproportionately please with that. It’s happened before, of course, but usually when I’ve been a source of food — not just because. Jasmine usually runs to greet me (unless there is a very serious milk bar session happening) so maybe that’s it.

I also heard their first purrs!!! So sweet. And little Cosmos purred when I skritched his belly.


The biggest development over the weekend is that Quince may be a girl! One of the other fosters and her daughter came to visit the kittens. Isabelle is VERY experienced. She confirmed the other three boys but seemed pretty sure that Quince is a girl. Poor lighting and a screaming kitten made it difficult. I always say it’s not 100% until the vet says so. 😉

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The first real photos

All Bee Balm ’cause it looks like he’s going to be the adventurer. He was trying to get over the towel barrier and out into the room. I don’t think it’ll be long before Jasmine’s re-thinking that box situation. 😉

You can see his little old man beard!!

This may have to go into my favourites folder.

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Last night the neighbour that I cat sit for called to ask me something. Of course the topic of kittens came up — I’d told her they were expected but hadn’t let her know they’d arrived. Turns out her grandson was visiting and I invited them to come and meet the kittens.

They’re cute, of course, but at this age don’t do much. So Catticus stole the show!

She discovered tv the other night. I was watching a nature show and the bird sounds got her attention but then any movement kept her interested.

She ran to meet them at the door. She ran into the foster room (!) with us and had to be shooed out (Jasmine was not pleased but didn’t attack.) She stood up to peer over the paper “curtains” on the foster room door and meow at us while we were visiting the kittens. When we came out she was all over us demanding all the attention. And for the first time I saw her relax while being held. She usually perches on my shoulder but she completely relaxed and draped herself on Connor’s shoulder! As we passed her around I started to tell them about Project Velcro and Connor piped up with “Project Velcro? We’re raising money for that at school!” He told me that they’ve raised over $1000! So now he can go back to school and tell them he’s met a Project Velcro cat! 🙂

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I wrote this a couple of days before the kittens were born and didn’t have a chance to post it.

Jasmine is shedding like crazy. I imagine it’s a combination of coming in from cold and hormones. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen before:

This is with a regular brush not a fancy Furminator or anything. This is one day’s worth!!

img_6162 img_6163

(That’s not a tiny brush; the brush head is about four inches long.)

It so dry in here! And now she’s getting dandruff, too. I’ve started up the humidifier and hope that helps.

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