Crazy kids

I know, I know, it’s the saddest grass ever. It looked good a couple of days ago but I left it out and it got totally mowed down. 😉  Waiting on delivery of more seeds.

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Chaos and the weirdness of cats

Last night the littlest was adopted so I decided that Teddy was better enough to spring from the cage. At first I held him and he snuggled and purred and after a few minutes went off to explore. Everyone else was napping so he had a quiet time sniffing everything he been watching for days. Soon, the others realized something was up. Sam and Dean came to say “hi”. Tigress ignored him. I was just waiting for Horus’s joy at another cat. Of course it didn’t go that way. Horus was very hissy and unwelcoming. I have NO idea what that was all about. But there were no serious issues and I went to bed.

This morning … OMG! The chaos when I woke up. Everyone seemed to have “the rips”! There was racing, there was tumbling, there was growling. Murphy and Jonesy sought shelter on the bed with me (the trio, though getting more comfortable, still avoid me unless it’s meal time). I just lay there and listened (because it’s DARK at that hour!).  Eventually I got up to get breakfast ready. Once they realized what I was doing it got much quieter.

Meal times are funny. Dean will quickly come and weave around my legs. Sam gets up on the counter hoping to find a short cut to the food. Horus keeps his distance but watches. Tigress has to be shown her food! She’s not the biggest fan of canned food. I always start her with that but she will walk away after a little bit and howl for kibble if there isn’t any in the dish. Teddy ran from me this morning but I eventually caught him (wherein he happily enjoyed a snuggle!) and put him back in the cage for breakfast. I wanted to make sure he ate and it also meant I could give him his meds before letting him free again.

They are a rambunctious bunch and the next two weeks (the soonest spay/neuter appt. I could get for Tigress and Teddy) are going to be … interesting!

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The two nameless ones have names! Introducing:


As suggested by the lovely and talented Olivia. She is quite fierce! (Tigress, not Olivia — though I’m sure Olivia has her moments. 😉 ) Fortunately she’s calming a bit and able to spend more and more time with the littlest (she was too rough with him at first!)

Teddy aka “Snotbag”

He’s such a sweet, snuggly, Teddy-soft little man! I finally got some meds to clear up his snotty face. The first dose he vomited up. 😦  The next stayed down. Hopefully he’ll be allowed out to play soon.

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Flashback Friday


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Horus is a tough nut to crack. He’s definitely one of those two-steps-forward-one-step-back kind of fosters. We’d made some progress and I was able to pet him when he was eating but the last few days he’s refused to come out from under the desk if I’m in the room. However, he LOVES other cats. Seriously. I’ve never seen anything like it. I put one of the newbies from last weekend in the foster room (long story) and Horus came bolting out from under the desk purring his little head off and following the newcomer around the room. He kept glancing at me but otherwise was unconcerned at my presence.

I think Random Felines is right (we had a Facebook exchange after she noticed an improvement in a skittish one after releasing it into general population). I want to let him loose with everyone and see if he comes around more quickly. Unfortunately, one of the newbies from last weekend (yes, they still need names!!!) has a bad cold. He’s fine, eating and playing, but he’s a giant snot bag and I don’t want him having direct contact with anyone else until I can get that cleared up.

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Wordless Wednesday

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This girl!

Quite the character she is! I got her (hand written!) paperwork. The note for her says, “Brought in from a barn – dumped? Getting beat up by other cats.” 😦  No wonder she’s adopted the “the best defense is a good offense” attitude. She’s quite rough with the littlest one I have. She’s afraid of the resident cats. She’s also VERY chatty, not a great eater (though she’s pooping lots, so I’m not sure how that works), and VERY energetic.

The littlest one is roaming free. If I let tabby girl out, she makes a beeline for him, tackling him and wrestling too roughly. So she stays in the cage. 😦  I took little one to work so I let her out for the day. That seemed to help. She was much calmer that evening. She’s quite sweet with me, seems to enjoy being held and purrs plenty.

She needs to be spayed but is otherwise ready for adoption! Hope I can get her in soon.

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