Persona non grata

Blue has come down with an eye infection. The vet didn’t find any evidence of a scratch, though that’s my main suspect. She has to have antibiotic drops for a few days and she is a terrible patient. WAY harder to medicate that most of the fosters I’ve had! (“Shoemaker’s children …” Lol.)

After we wrestle to get the drops in — with much wailing and carrying on — I have to put the cone on for a bit because if I don’t, she’ll immediately wash her face and ingest any bits of medication still there. She is NOT impressed.

I give her treats and only leave it on for 15 minutes and still there is much drama. And MUCH face-washing when I take it off. Lol.

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Meet the new gang

Diana, female, tortie (striped nose). Needs spay surgery (And has goopy eyes. Very shy.)
Mistie, female, black (white patch on chest, white tail-light!) six months (needs spay surgery; you can also see her sore eye here. Don’t think she has a cold but I’m treating it with drops.)
Portobello, male, tuxedo (black nose), four months (needs hernia surgery).
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Bird — and mouse — TV

I can’t believe I haven’t tried this before! I’ve heard plenty of people talk about it. We tried it just before I went away.

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I’m *really* back

As predicted, my foster break was not as long as I hoped. This is part of an email I received just before I left for the wedding:

We are embarking on a rather ambitious rescue project this month.
There are MANY MANY cats and kittens to rescue from various sources. Ontario shelter partners are filled to the brim and need HELP!
In addition to this, our friends in Quebec desperately need to clear out their overcrowded shelter, so they can make room to save more at-risk cats.
TCR will be bringing in 60 cats and kittens on Tuesday October 19th. We need foster space for all of these cats, for approximately 3 weeks

The rescue list sent out with this email — even before the Quebec rescue — had cats from three different shelters! And earlier in the month we brought nearly 40 cats/kittens from Northern* Ontario. It’s so rewarding that we can do this (and sad that we need to). Of course I couldn’t say no.

I arrived home at about 1.30am on Tuesday. The resident cats were all happy to see me (Blue especially!) though Jonesy sulked first, for a day. Sleep did not come immediately and then was not long. 😉 I got up, had breakfast, saw my sister off. (She lives outside Toronto and stayed with me the night before and the night after the trip.) Unpacked, watered plants, caught my breath.

Mid-afternoon I got an email that my new fosters were on the way — SIX of them!!!! I had to laugh; the email was outlining a number of drops for the driver. Two to a store, one to another foster, and six to me!! I had to take a ‘dolly’ down to bring them upstairs — and the driver still had to help!

Someone is very excited:

*post to come about this

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I’m back!

Tofino was amazing!

Although for most of our time there it looked like this:

On our last day it looked like this:

And — also on the last day — we had a gorgeous sunset:

Between the wedding, visiting family, and the weather (whale-watching was cancelled due to the “atmospheric river” — it’s a thing, look it up) we didn’t do much sight-seeing. But we did manage to squeeze in some things on the way home.

If you look carefully you can see the goats at Coombs Old Country Market.

And I quite like this shot on the way home:

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Part of the big clean up was a major overhaul of the toys. They were getting out of control … stored all over the place.

A new basket for current toys and limited, organized storage for the rest.

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The Big Clean

The big clean is complete! It’ll be so nice to come home to a mostly clean place (who knows what the residents might get up to while I’m gone!)

  • took apart and washed front windows (I usually do this a couple of times a year but it hadn’t been done in quite a while! Lots of fur and dirt stuck between the layers of windows.)
  • repaired bent-from-swinging-kittens curtain bracket
  • replaced both sets of curtains
  • washed all interior windows (and a couple of exterior ones)
  • cleaned and sterilized the cage
  • cleaned and sun-bleached two scratchers and a scratching post
  • cleaned and sun-bleached a carrier
  • washed foster room floor
  • installed carpet squares on the foster room floor
  • replaced resident litterboxes; threw out most foster litterboxes
  • replaced kitten scratching post
  • washed and sun-bleached square cubby hole
  • cleaned and sterilized any toys that survived the purge
  • regular cleaning and dusting that hadn’t been done for a while because, really, what was the point?!
  • gave the floors a good scrub
  • because of the time of year*, brought plants inside and cleaned/closed balcony

I was able to do all this over time, so it was a more thorough job. Nice that I wasn’t racing to get ready for a new batch of fosters.

The cleaned up foster room! The new squares probably won’t last long (very cheap) but they’re fuzzy (much fuzzier than they look) and cozy. Equipment is stored in the cage to keep it clean and “safe” from the resident cats, though they have access to the room because I’m putting their litterboxes in there while I’m away (easier for their caretaker) and maybe until new fosters arrive.

Blue approves (and I often find Murphy in there, too.)
Cool new kitten-sized scratcher, ready and waiting where Blue can’t reach it. 😉

*though it’s been unseasonably warm!

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The tally

It’s been a particularly long, hard road of fostering this past year or so. For a lot of reasons; mental, physical, emotional*, and financial.

The Artist kittens, especially, were a handful — their health, their numbers, their age. On top of spending about $1500 in food/litter since March, I have to replace:

  • two table cloths
  • two sets of curtains
  • one set of cabinet knobs (Blue helped with that.)
  • one lampshade (it has teeth marks all around the edge!)
  • one toy basket (though that was a case of “finishing the job”)
  • one glass

Add to that, in the last week, Miss Blue has broken a plant pot and a mug. And that was before the kittens left! I dread what might be coming with her bored frustration.

Good thing they’re all so cute.

*I spotted the Sled team in some TCR social media and started crying. Normally I love spotting my foster photos! I am worn out.

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Another chapter closed

Fizzbin and Whist are adopted — together!

I took down the old curtains and the kittens spent a couple of hours playing in them before they (the kittens and the curtains) left.

And now — though I always say this — I’m taking a bit of a break. For real this time.

My niece’s wedding was originally scheduled for three weeks after the first COVID shut down (April 2020). It was cancelled, of course. Earlier this year she re-scheduled for October 16th. She lives out on the West coast — Vancouver Island — so all family and many of the guests have to travel quite a distance. She made the decision at the beginning of the “fourth wave” that she was going ahead, no matter what.

Our family is now, literally, coast-to-coast; opportunities for our large numbers to get together are infrequent, even without stupid COVID. We’ve been holding our breaths that it will be able to proceed in some sort of “normal” way. We’ve all been double vaccinated (though there are some young children who haven’t been yet) and she’s doing her very best to set everything up with good protocols. The important thing is that we’ll be together.

So I definitely won’t be taking any new fosters before I go. And we’ll see after I get back. I may be going away at Christmas (more family visits) so I want to be sure I’m foster-free then, too. But I’ll try and still do a few posts at least. Or maybe re-post some “oldies, but goodies”.

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Everybody’s a critic …

The other night, I heard scratching from under the couch. Murphy often arbitrarily scratches on various things; the floor, the counter, the cupboards. But he was in the bedroom. So I got down and had a look.

There was Fizzbin, scratching away at some dried vomit! Now, I just cleaned under there the other day, so it wasn’t that old. But old enough to be dry. I didn’t feel like cleaning it up right then, (out of sight, out of mind) and figured he’d give up. Nope. Scratch, scratch, scratch. So I got a cloth and cleaned it up. I thought. A few minutes later he was back; scratch, scratch, scratch. Yes, I’d missed a spot.

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