“Timid” Fae

Oh, boy, does Fae enjoy her freedom now. After months of showing NO interest in coming out of the foster room now she resents going back in. She hasn’t been eating well. I suspect finickiness, not anything more serious, so when I found a food she loved I went back to  feeding her in the foster room. She snarfs it down and then demands to be let out.

She’s stopped being mean to the kittens but has focused her attention on Murphy! She chases and browbeats him. I’ve had to give her a few time outs in the foster room which starts her howling for release again.

This is a completely different cat than the one who arrived back in May. She is confident and outgoing, demanding petting and cuddles every chance she gets. I’ve even put her on our store waiting list!

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Black Cat Appreciation Day

Apparently it’s Black Cat Appreciation Day. Fortunately, Brendan took some lovely photos of Jemma yesterday while she was at work:

Check out Tails from the Foster Kittens for some interesting info (always!) on black cats.

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Weekend Stories

Flynn was adopted! The meet and greet was amazing. He was his weird, skittish self, but very playful. They were captivated and loved him immediately. Since he left, I’ve been letting Fae run free — mostly because she wanted to, finally. She is NOT a fan of Dixie and Jemma. She hisses at them and smacks them if they get too close. Clearly she is done with motherhood. 😉


Speaking of Jemma, the other night at dinner time she didn’t come running as per usual. But I could hear her crying. I finally tracked the noise to the bathroom. As I checked the laundry cupboard the crying got louder. Oh, god! She’s behind the washing machine. Fortunately, there’s lots of room; she’d just have to find her way out. I called and called and suddenly realized the crying was behind me. I looked and there she was, trapped in the bathtub! I don’t know if she’d have been trapped if it wasn’t wet but it was. I lifted her out, dried her feet, and gave her her supper.

Dixie, as always, had fun:

She’s watching  (and taunting?) Fae. 😀  And chasing her tail in between.

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I thought I’d seen gross. This gig has shown me a rainbow of diarrhea shades, a variety of infections, lice, mites, vomit, placentas, you name it, I thought I’d seen it. Until now. NOW I’ve seen the grossest thing ever.

One of my fosters is struggling with a litter of bottle feeders. She was worried about diarrhea and that one of them had a “growth” on her chest. A 300 gram kitten with a “kidney bean” sized growth with a black dot on it. Let’s get that looked at right away! So I sent them to the vet. The foster reported back that the vet pulled a wriggling thing out of the kitten’s chest. Did I want to see a picture? Um … ok. But in the meantime I phoned the vet (it’s one I’m familiar with and know the staff well) and asked them “What the hell did you pull out of that kitten?!” She very excitedly answered, “A bot fly larva! We kept it — you can see it next time you’re in!” It seems they haven’t seen one in years. I am assured they’re pretty rare, though we did have a case last summer. I sincerely hope that if I ever encounter them again it is also through the filter of one of my foster homes.

Apparently, bot flies deposit an egg (or eggs) and the larvae burrow under the skin of the host only to crawl out later. Yuck. They’re more common in larger animals — farm animals are regularly treated to prevent this. But apparently any warm mammalian host will do — including humans. (One particularly horrifying picture courtesy of Google!)

Let me tell you right now. DO NOT Google images of “bot fly larvae”. DO NOT even Google images of just “bot fly”. If you ignore this advice and do it anyway, I am not responsible.

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Mama’s Boy!

Little Flynn is such a nervous nelly. In some ways, he’s made progress since Fern left, but he’s still mostly confined with Fae. He’s seemed more keen on getting out and mixing with the others. So I tried letting him out but he seemed a little overwhelmed. Jemma (free now) has made a seamless transition. She and Dixie run and play really well together. After Dot left I tried Flynn again. Though nervous and unsure at first, he quickly made progress.

I’m not so sure about this “freedom” business.


I’ve had enough.

Me, too.

Not me! I’m still exploring!

I’ve decided he’s an introvert. He’s spent a lot of time watching the fun from behind glass. He really wanted to come out and play. But when reality hit, he was a little overwhelmed. I was killing myself laughing; he was growling and growling and I thought he was being territorial about toys (which he kind of was) but when I looked over he was all by himself. Growling and playing with a toy. And he hisses a lot. But when the three kittens are racing back and forth, chasing and wrestling, he’s fine. I suspect when they’re moving so fast he’s not thinking about anything; when things are slower he has time to overthink and freak himself out. 😉

He has a meet and greet on Friday! I hope it goes well.

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I’m going to miss this feisty little weirdo

Dot was adopted on the weekend. I’ll miss her, but I’m happy for her, too. She’s going to be an only cat with all the attention just for her. And she’s going to have an exciting life! She has a cottage to go to (not outside!) and she’s going to be a “snowbird”!

Sucking my finger as I carry her around!


Copy cat — she’d been watching Jonesy.

Is it supper time?


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Jemma is doing great. Her stool is MUCH better. But she’s still young and not quite all better. So I don’t trust her running free for any length of time (I let her out once in a while for a run.)

She was crying and crying. She has toys and stuffed animals. But the grass is always greener … I am reluctant to hang toys — anywhere. I’ve heard a couple of horror stories involving strings and/or elastics. But I wanted something more interesting for her. I managed to rig up this wand toy and she LOVED it!! I think it helped that suddenly the free kittens seemed jealous of Jemma for a change.

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