My Cats

I’ve had cats pretty much my whole life. Someone asked me to include them. Here’s a comprehensive list. I’ll post photos as I can find and scan them.

Punch (Siamese); dates unknown. Re-homed in 1970 when my father remarried and we moved in with my step-family.
I don’t remember much about Punch, other than he was brother to Judy, my sister’s cat. They came from some place up north, near our grandparents’, that had Siamese cats everywhere.

Nikki; approx. 1968 – 1979
She was the feline matriarch of our family, producing two litters a year in March and August. (It was a different time.) Somehow my step-mother found homes for them all, except for a couple of rare occasions when they were taken to our neighbour’s farm to live as barn cats.

Oby (short for “Old Buggy”) and “Sheldon” only to my step-mother!; dates unknown
He was an intact male and personified “Tom cat”. He lived outside most of the time, though that didn’t stop my step-mother from subjecting him to occasional tail-washings (he’d get all oily from being under cars) in a towel “tube” she designed and made herself. She’d stuff him in it, with his tail sticking out, and wash all the oil and dirt out.

Nimbus was our family cat, son of Nikki and (probably) Oby. He was the sweetest tempered cat I think I’ve ever known. Although he was an intact male, Nikki, our female, would not only let him stay in the house when she had kittens, she’d let him “kitten-sit”!! And I remember my nieces and nephews marching around the house with him draped around their shoulders.

Nimbus; dates unknown, but in the 1970s

Nimbus; dates unknown, but in the 1970s


Pokey was adopted from the Kingston Humane Society in my second year of university. Sadly, she was hit by a car the next summer when I brought her home.

Poquito (Pokey for short); September 1980 - summer 1981

Poquito (Pokey for short); September 1980 – summer 1981


Japhar (tabby) and Tavi (tuxedo) as kittens

Japhar (tabby) and Tavi (tuxedo) as kittens

Japhar (tabby) and Tavi (tuxedo) as teens

Japhar (tabby) and Tavi (tuxedo) as teens


Japhar; Summer 1981 – summer 1982
She was found outside a downtown club by my sister. I adopted her and took her off to school with me. The next summer, she ran away and our neighbour told me she was happily living in his barn.

McTavish (Tavi for short); September 1981 – December 2000
She was also adopted from the Kingston Humane Society as a companion for Japhar. I had her for 19½ years!


Jennie was found by a co-worker in the barn where she kept her horse. It became clear that Jennie was terrified of horses, so my co-worker decided to find her a home. She brought her to work one night and, of course, I took her home. She and Tavi were great friends.


Jennie; approx. February 1983 – May 1994


Wake; December 1986 – May 1993
When the company I work for moved into a big, old house, someone decided we had room to take in Wake. He’d been born on a farm, the runt of the litter, and was being persecuted by the rest of the farm cats. He had the most outgoing personality of any cat I’ve ever known. He became a well-known (and loved) fixture in the office and the neighbourhood. His amazing life was cut short when he was hit by a car.


Gus was part of a litter found in a backyard near work. I trapped him, his siblings, and his mom. My co-workers and I found homes for all the kittens but mom was too feral. She was TNR’d.

Gus; August 1993 - April 2008

Gus; August 1993 – April 2008


Pippin (Pip for short); Fall 1995 – December 2010
I first spotted Pip hiding in a tree in the backyard at work when she was about six months old. Eventually I trapped her, had her spayed, and decided to keep her. She never completely “tamed down”, but we came to an understanding. She adored and bonded with Gus.


I adopted Jonesy from Toronto Cat Rescue as a companion for Pip. Unfortunately, she hated him.

Jonesy; September 2008 -

Jonesy; September 2008 –

Murphy ended up being a buffer between Pip and Jonesy. I’m not sure I’d call Murphy and Jonesy bonded, but they are certainly very good buddies!

Murphy; January 2009 -

Murphy; January 2009 –



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