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Tough Decision

Dixie is facing ongoing treatment for her eye. It’s a persistent infection. We’ll keep working on it until it’s better or we lose. If she loses her second eye … well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. … Continue reading

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Of Crazy Cats and Toilets

When I first got Murphy he fell in the toilet — twice! Not the best jumper he miscalculated on the way to the sink. From then on the house rule is toilet seat down. Always. And it is. Unless it’s … Continue reading

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This peaceful shot does not begin to show the CHAOS that is my little condo these days. Seriously.

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Monkey See, Monkey Do

And what an adorable little monkey she is!

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I just told him he wasn’t supposed to be on the table.

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This little man still hisses first and asks questions later but he has a magnificent purr!

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The Weekend in Pictures

No¬† matter what else is going on, four almost teenage kittens makes for a busy weekend!! Yes, these are all quiet photos. A rare occurrence, believe me. Most of the weekend I felt like I was living inside a pinball … Continue reading

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