It’s an addiction

I had to take Jones to the vet for his … er … condition again. When I got home I didn’t put the carrier away. So, of course, this happened:

Any “box”.

To review …

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I tried getting pictures of the Flowers but Lotus had other plans (yes, it’s sideways again):

I did get some photos but wouldn’t want to overload you. 😉

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Catching up …

Aside from my catastrophe, it’s been VERY busy — with fosters, with work, with volunteering. And I’ve had a cold hanging on which slows me down.

I, along with all the cat caretakers, have been getting updates on Sparrow (aka Catticus) via cat caretaker Sarah, who is friends with Sparrow’s adopters. Check it out:

And thanks to a little email mix up I got a picture of Diego, clearly happy and well:
We had another HUGE intake at the Volunteer Centre. Forty-plus cats from yet another shelter in Quebec (not part of Project Velcro). I missed most of them. At one point we had 56 cats at the VC!! But for less than 24 hours. They were quickly assessed, vetted, and most went out to an adoptathon where we had 33 adoptions over a weekend! By the time I arrived for my shift there were “only” 20. All lovely and affectionate, though most of those remaining have some ongoing issues. Most of the issues are minor and treatable, ranging from spaying to dental work to eye infections. Others are more serious; one had serious anemia (improving), one has a terrible ear infection, left untreated so long he now has a “cauliflower” ear. He’s ADORABLE. Big bruiser.

Hoping for an easy weekend, both at home and the Volunteer Centre. We’ll see. 😉

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Welcome to my worst* disappointment/disruption of plans in four years of fostering.

We had a plan. Jasmine and the Flowers were getting spayed/neutered. They’d recover for a day at my place. Then the potential adopters would come and choose two of the kittens. And then Jasmine and the others would go to Jen’s store. It was all set. All scheduled. I even had another feline family waiting to come, as soon as there was space.

But the vet noticed a mark on Jasmine’s face. They think it might be … ringworm. Aaauuuuggghhhh. I don’t see how it can be; she’s been here three months and the incubation period for ringworm is 14 – 21 days. But once the word has been said it can’t be unsaid. We can’t, in good conscience, adopt out any cat or kitten that may have been in contact with ringworm. And we certainly can’t send them to a store! And the test results take TWO WEEKS.

Even worse? Although they’ve been in quarantine the entire time they’ve been here, it hasn’t been strict quarantine. And any protections I’ve taken have been to prevent anything getting into the foster room. I was never concerned about anything getting out. They’ve been so healthy. 😦

At least they did have their surgeries but they’re back here for at least two weeks. That’s if the results are negative. If they’re positive?? Who knows. It can take weeks to clear up ringworm. WEEKS. It’s my fostering nightmare.

So I’ll hold my breath and try to enjoy them while they’re here.  And cross my fingers that the potential adopters will be patient and wait for them. But with the flood of kittens coming in, I’m worried.

And I’m heartbroken for the family that was supposed to arrive! It’s a mama, her three kittens and FIVE kittens she’s fostering. One human and sixteen feline lives on hold.

* in the grand scheme of things I should be grateful that this is the worst but I just can’t be
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Poor Jasmine hasn’t got any of the limelight. Between adorable kittens, crazy adult fosters, and visiting dogs, she’s always in the background. But this week she’s made her presence known. Poor thing is in heat, I think. Adds weight to my theory that this isn’t her first litter.

Jasmine, stretched out closest to the climber. Three kittens “stacked” towards the camera. Fourth kitten up top. (Had to take this without a flash, through the window!)

The other morning, for the first time in three months, she rushed out of the foster room. She looked around, spotted Murphy, and began her coquettish dance! I had to gently explain to her that Murphy wasn’t interested and she’d be better back playing with her kids. I’m not sure she was convinced.

She is a sweet, sweet girl and I hope she gets a wonderful home. Two of the kittens are spoken for, though not chosen. Everyone has their surgery today! They’ll come back to me so the adopters can come and choose their kittens. Then Jasmine and the other two will go to Jen’s store to find their wonderful forever homes! And then … ????

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Just like that …

Stabler is adopted!

Now Stanley, in his new home! (photo courtesy of his adopters)

He actually left last Thursday — off to Jen’s store. But I did kind of hustle him out the door …

Last weekend, I was doing laundry after a busy few days, and probably wasn’t as vigilant as I should have been. Stabler snuck out. He went straight for Murphy, chasing him up the cat tree. As I was herding him back into the bathroom, he spotted Jonesy and gave chase again. Unfortunately, he caught him and there was a big fight. Very scary. I got them apart and got Stabler back in the bathroom. When I went to calm and comfort Jonesy, he had blood on his shoulder. I checked and checked and checked but couldn’t find a wound. As I was looking around, I found a claw, covered in blood. Not the flimsy kind you find that they’ve shed. This was a full claw (hollow) with firm edges. Clearly it had not come off naturally. I checked on Stabler and, sure enough, there were bloody footprints all over the bathroom. Not dripping blood, but little smears. I don’t think it came off from contact with Jonesy, or he’d have a wound. I suspect it tore off from contact with an object — the love seat or something.

Two days later I picked up Jonesy and stood him in front of the bathroom door. He had a hissy meltdown and ran away.

Since Stabler is healthy now (and no longer stinky!) and young and cuddly (with people!) and playful we decided to send him to the store. Jen very kindly picked him up (I’ve been down with a cold) and set him up in the store. She tried him with a harness, walking around the store, and he loved it! (Except his toe/nail/foot started bleeding again.) He had less than two days of adventure before he was adopted. He even had a line-up of potential adopters!


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Between all the cat — and dog! — activity and a bad cold, the last week kind of got away from me. So I’m late with my “Thank You” to all you amazing Bowlathon supporters. We had a great day. There seemed to be a lot of new participants and the anecdotal feedback was all positive. We raised over $24,000!

So thank you to those who donated and to those who helped out — you’re all amazing and I’m very grateful.

All photos courtesy of TCR. More photos here.

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