Sisters by choice

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How was I supposed to resist this:

This is Amelia. She was found hiding inside a house after the resident passed away, and came in in pretty rough shape. She has spent some time in the vet clinic and they are giving her the green light to spend some time in a home. She is still in a fairly fragile state, and needs to be monitored in her foster home to make sure she is eating, and to continue her medication.

I have a weakness for the “left behind” ones — whether from thoughtlessness or death.

She arrived on Saturday afternoon, about the same time I was supposed to receive three kittens — temporary fosters while their “real” foster person was away! She was so subdued; just limp when I lifted her out of the carrier and put her in the crate. She would only huddle in the corner, sitting in the “loaf” position (lol — you can actually Google “cat loaf”!!!) After a couple of hours I thought to put the heating pad in with her. She loved it — she immediately moved over to it and has been on it every since. Lots of stretched out lounging now! 😉 I fed her small amounts a few times through the evening. At breakfast, she cleaned the plate so I gave her seconds. She completely cleaned the plate at her mid-morning snack time!

She is snuffly and sneezy. She has urine stains and burns on her feet. And thin? Pretty sure the worst I’ve ever seen. Apparently she was 1.4kg (three pounds) on intake; she’s six months old!

But she’s more alert with each passing hour and she’s decided she likes pets! I even got some biscuit action when I was petting her. And she gave herself a pretty good bath. Her health is improving as I watch. The bad part is she seems to have terrible nightmares. Obviously I can’t know for sure but her dreams are very violent; lots of shaking and very fast breathing.

What a terrible start for this little girl. Let’s hope it only gets better from here.

I don’t usually do this, but if you’d like to help, this little girl has racked up some serious vet bills.


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Lost another one

Seriously — my condo is SMALL! How do I keep losing kittens??? I was calling and calling Dixie. Looked everywhere. Finally I went into the bedroom again and caught a glimpse of something:

Much more visible in the camera flash!

I’d left two carriers sitting on the floor, closed up. She worked her way in! 😀

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Pharaoh was transferred to another foster home. My feeling was that Pharaoh wasn’t very happy here and therefore not doing well. I don’t think he was happy confined to the foster room. But I didn’t dare let him out with Fae being so … testy. He wasn’t eating well, though he was happy enough whenever I went in to visit. He was supposed to be temporary anyway so he was posted on the intake/transfer list. Courtney, a brand new foster, stepped up to take him. She came to get him and he responded really well to her. We talked a while and, finally, I stuffed him in her carrier and off she went. The next day I got this:

Happy boy!!

When we first got home he was hiding for a while and I was a bag of nerves, just felt so bad that I had traumatised him! But I let him sort of have his little hiding spot but I was still able to reach him so every so often I would just give him a little pet and then leave him alone so he could get comfortable at his own pace but also know I was here and I wasn’t going to hurt him. And by the end of the night he was having me walk around with him to explore the apartment and eating! And even joining us on the sofa!! I was so relieved then!!

I woke up this morning and he had used the litter box and ate all his food!! And now he’s just chilling out in his spot and then coming up every so often to join me on the sofa getting loads of petting and attention!! 🙂

He was a little nervous with my boyfriend last night but then this morning was rubbing up against his legs too!

Sometimes a foster home and foster cat aren’t a good match. We don’t usually have the luxury of moving them but I’m so glad we did here. He is SO much happier with Courtney. He’ll blossom and heal (physically and emotionally) with her and be ready for his new — hopefully forever this time — home.

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Fae is adopted! A very nice couple. It happened very quickly. I got the introductory email at 11am and they came to meet her at 4pm. They were so committed to adopting an adult cat that they easily ignored Dixie’s intrusions. 😉

They seemed to like her right away and, unlike usual, she didn’t run away and then come back. She was keen for petting and treats. They asked great questions and went off to discuss their decision privately — and came back with their carrier!

One of my quickest, most efficient adoptions ever. Happy Tails, sweet mama.


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Fosters and bikes and cats, oh my!

As I’ve mentioned, Toronto Cat Rescue is a network of foster homes. We rarely, if ever, meet each other. Our contact is mostly electronic and I am Facebook friends (outside of the Foster Parents Page) with some of them.

One of the fosters I’m Facebook friends with, but had never met, posted about getting her bike stolen on Sunday. Broad daylight. In a busy, central area of downtown Toronto. She uses her bike every day! My first thought was, What a shitty thing. My second thought was I have a bike that’s been sitting downstairs gathering dust because I’m too afraid to ride in the suburbs. So I offered her the bike. “Really??” I told her I’d rather see it being used than gathering more dust. I said come and see it, no obligation, and I sent her a photo.

She came to see it and she was THRILLED! Really, really happy. Someone else stepped up and offered to do a tune up for her, but someone else told her about a “bike garage” where they’ll help you do the work yourself. She’s going to go there. THIS is the best part of the internet.

I am so happy that upon hearing about something so shitty, instead of just saying, “oh, that’s shitty” I could actually DO something and make it better. That’s no little thing these days.

In an enormous coincidence, she’s the previous foster of the giant, grey Pharaoh! She feels terrible that he was returned. She wasn’t sure the family was a good fit but the mother was really crazy about him. 😦  They had a nice visit and I think he remembered her. He hid when he heard her come in but when we went in the foster room and he heard her voice, he came right out. They had a good cuddle and he wouldn’t stop purring.

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Busy, busy

The girls had a busy week! Dixie was scheduled to go to the vet’s for her eye procedure so they both came to work with me on Monday. Just after lunch I was holding Jemma and thought that doesn’t feel right. I flipped her over and, sure enough, her incision was open!! I phoned the vet and asked if they could have a look when I dropped Dixie off. They weren’t happy (very busy!) but said, “of course”.

Turns out she’d licked out her stitches. The vet said that they hadn’t had a kitten do that in ages! On top of that, she had a bad reaction to the stitches. And infection, already. How come I get the “special” ones?? They kept her overnight and re-sewed her the next day. Her incision is even bigger and now she has non-dissolving stitches that we have to go back in ten days to have taken out. She has to wear a cone — all the time!

Homemade-by-the-vet’s-office cone. From an old x-ray sheet! They did a better job than it looks; I had to cut it off then tape it back together.

I felt bad for her and it’s hard to eat* with the cone so I tried the sock trick:

If I used a sock that was tight enough, she wouldn’t stand up. When I used a looser sock, she tried to take it off. So I went back to the cone. I’m going to try and get her a removable cone tomorrow.

Dixie’s eye is MUCH better! I can’t get a photo of it so you’ll just have to trust me. You can still see some of the scarring but otherwise it looks almost normal! Not nearly as cloudy or weird. But she had THREE DAYS worth of pent up energy. She spent the first two hours at home racing around and bouncing off the walls! She did finally collapse but I’m pretty sure she was up most of the night which is unusual.

*when I put it back on I had to give her food on a very flat plate, sitting raised on a roll of packing tape. That way she could slide the cone under the edge of the plate and eat. — which she’s doing very well!

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