Vivien. So pretty!! And she’s really soft, too.

Taken through the window, but not bad. 😉 This may be her “spay me now” moment. Especially since the kittens have learned how to get up on the desk.

Kitten pile! I got out this bed. So far, I’ve only seen five out of six in it at once.

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So cute!

I am posting this terrible photo because it was the best I could do under the circumstances. I glanced in the foster room and saw this:

Every time I go in the room they all come running — even if they’re asleep.  So I had to take this through the window. This is Greta (white), on her back, sound asleep with one of the all black ones. Note the black paw lying across Greta’s chest/belly!!!! And her little legs were twitching away in some delightful (I hope) dream of running. I nearly passed out from the ridiculous adorableness. 😀

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Kitten toy

I bought this toy on the recommendation of one of the other Foster Homes:

It’s a three-tiered track ball. The kittens loved it immediately! I hear it rattling all the time and there’s often someone perched like this when I peek in. Once, Greta was sitting in the middle, just her little head and paws sticking out! I can hear one of the balls being batted around as I write this. 😉

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Quick updates

It was a busy long weekend here! So here are the quick updates:

  • kittens are doing fabulously well; playful and eating lots
  • Vivien is showing signs of getting tired of motherhood; she learned about hiding up on the desk this weekend

She relaxes up there but not while I’m in the room taking pictures! 😉

  • Jonesy continues to improve; he finally ate canned food on the weekend, he finished his antibiotics on Saturday, and this morning ate close to a full meal in one sitting!
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The fun just keeps funning

In the middle of all the Jonesy drama, I picked up the medication for the Silver Screens’ coccidia. The dreaded baycox. Man, they HATE that stuff.

I dosed Vivien first. I feel horrible. I’m trying to make friends and build her trust, but by myself, with her hating to be held, I had no choice but to scruff her and quickly syringe the terrible stuff into her. Then, one by one, the kittens. All were outraged and really, really mad at me. All were foaming at the mouth, spitting, and snorting between baleful looks of betrayal at me.

The first dose wasn’t too bad to administer; they were all surprised. On the second dose, they were figuring it out. It took three attempts to get all the medicine into Vivien. Surprisingly, the third dose went better than the second. Now just two weeks and a retest to go. 😦


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Wordless Wednesday

Cary, Jimmy, Bogart, Greta, Spencer/Ingrid

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