Did I Say Feisty?

I’ve used the word “feisty” in the bio I’m preparing for Dot. I had no idea. Turns out the girl can hold a grudge! She had her spay surgery the other day and my cute little snuggle bug wanted nothing to do with me when we got home from the vet! Nothing. I’d pick her up and she’d turn into a little tornado trying to get down. She wouldn’t even look at me. She ate dinner (of course!) and would run around me and over me but no stopping. At bedtime, same deal. She would not come to bed. If I carried her there she ran away. Dixie came and snuggled up to sleep but Dot came and — almost literally — dragged her away.

Then, in the middle of the night of course, I woke up to a little vampire kitten sucking on my neck!

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I’m So Dedicated

This is the perfect box for kittens; strong, pre-cut hole in the side. I’m willing to consume all that wine JUST so my foster kittens have a great box to play in. Totally worth it:

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Ooops, I Did It Again











We were expecting 50 cats from Quebec again. I wasn’t signed up for any. They were supposed to come Thursday. I got an email on Tuesday night: “They came early! Can you come and help?” So I headed over to our Feral Recovery Centre* to help. When I got there, the rescue team already had things under control. There wasn’t anything left to do except take some kittens off their hands! There are a lot of cages at the FRC but not enough for 50 cats!! So here we are. Yes, that is a two-create set-up on my dining room table! So once again I’m over the “cage limit”. But we were told — officially — that it was ok for this rescue. πŸ˜‰

Dahlia and Pavot are big enough to be spayed/neutered but need a little socialization. Dahlia is a little shy and Pavot hisses whenever I come near. But both are easily handled and should be fine in no time!

Later …

After a few treats there was already an improvement! And this was Pavot when I waved DaBird around:

* the Feral Recover Centre is a warehouse space, big enough for these kinds of intakes. It is all set up with food, supplies, even a large sink with a hose for bathing. After a 12 hour ride, a few of them were in dire need of a wash. 😦

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Doing Something Right, I Guess

So, I’ve been a Foster Coordinator for almost a month. It’s been a bit of a rough ride. I nearly didn’t make it to week two. A lot of ups and downs and a very steep learning curve. And let’s face it — “hand-holding” isn’t my fortΓ©.

My attitude to cat rescue and fostering is that it’s all about the cats. I don’t believe in putting my feelings before what’s best for the cats. If fostering is about you, you’re doing it wrong, as far as I’m concerned. But it takes a village … and LOTS of foster homes to do what we do. So I’m willing to cut those, with softer hearts than mine, some slack.

Last week I went above and beyond helping one of my fosters get her kittens into a store. (Among other things it was a LOT of driving in rush hour traffic!) There had been some stalling and some high emotion from her daughter at having to say goodbye. I did it for the kittens though I had ulterior motives, too. I wanted the foster to see the store, meet the store coordinator, see how happy and settled the kittens were in their new, temporary home — hoping it would make things easier in the future. It went well and the kittens settled quickly.

The next day I got this message:

Thank you again for your efforts in keeping everybody happy: kittens and humans.
I asked Monica [daughter] how she felt and she said that you were so inspirational that she forgot about being sad.

. . . she forgot about being sad.” !!! That may be the best compliment I’ve ever received! Though honestly, all I did was keep up a constant stream of chatter about fostering on our very long drive!

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The Long Weekend in Pictures

In no particular order:




Not from the weekend but I couldn’t leave him out!

Dixie and Dot (suckling) having a snuggle fest


Dot and Dixie

Terrible quality photo but I love it — shows her quirkiness.

I have no idea what this is about — he just climbed in the toy basket and went to sleep.

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Adorable at Work, too

I think everyone’s enjoying having these two at work. They keep taking pictures, at least:

photo courtesy K. Hearn, co-worker

To achieve that cozy sleeping place, they pushed a LOT of shredded paper on the floor:

And then played in it for days:

And finally rested:

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Dot and Dixie

So Dixie-used-to-be-Dexter came home on the weekend. Dot was beside herself with joy! Too much joy. πŸ˜‰ Dixie needed to explore and get used to the apartment again; Dot just wanted to plaaaaaaaay! There was a lot of growling and squeaking. No hissing, I think. Both were over-excited and I had to intervene quite a bit and give a few time-outs. (Keep in mind Dixie had just had two surgeries!)

But by evening, all was back to normal as if the three missing days hadn’t happened. There was play and napping and grooming. Though I think Dixie is a little surprised at the progress Dot made in three days. πŸ˜‰

They really are the MOST delightful pair. So much fun.

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