Sheldon tends to be more in the background than the other two. He loves cuddles and he loves to play. He’s very possessive of his toys; if the others come near while he’s playing he’ll let out the most adorable growl.

Like so many before him, the spring is a particular favourite. Though he’s a fan of pom-poms and sparkly balls as well.

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So this happened:

They don’t look so bad until you “click to embiggen” them (tm The Bloggess).  Even then, the horizontal lines running through them aren’t so obvious. I guess all the drops on the floor (courtesy of felines big and small; for some reason they loved the wrist strap!) finally caught up with my camera. But at least it gave me this first:

I may be able to live for months without a dishwasher but I couldn’t live for a day without my camera. So I rushed to get a new one. So far, I like it just fine!




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Living up to their names

I walked in the other night to find:

Leonard and Penny snuggled up together.

And by himself, up in the climber:
Not only that, the first time I let them out of the foster room, Penny ran all over exploring. Sheldon refused to leave the room. 😀

I wrote this post before discovering we have another sex change. Penny is a boy! I know I’ll keep calling him “she” and I imagine I’ll keep calling him Penny. Change is hard. 😉

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Wordless Wednesday

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CarmelO is adopted!

I’m gonna miss this little troublemaker:

Photo by Brendan O.

And it happened so fast! I got the referral call/email on Friday night. We arranged a meeting for Sunday afternoon but the adopters were so keen they asked if we could move it up to Saturday evening. They came, they fell hard, they left with him.

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more CarmelO

This character!


For those who don’t know, that is a city-supplied “green bin” for kitchen waste (which our building collects — yay!!) I had just cleaned it and put a new bag in. Turned around and … o hai there.  The funny thing is that the vet who did his neuter uses one of these bins for weighing jumpy kittens. 😀

He is a handful but soooooo delightful and funny. I can’t believe there has been zero interest in him! We just re-worked his bio. Hopefully we’ll see some action soon.

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Wordless Wednesday

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