Gamma and Delta

At the beginning of a busy week, Gamma and Delta left for their forever home. But not before leaving me with some more fun photos.

Bath time.

Stacked kittens.

Hey there.

I can’t tell you how hard I laughed at that last photo. That’s the cat pillow Bella’s mom made us. It usually sits on the planter-turned-cat-seat-in-the-window, but occasionally someone knocks it on the floor. It flipped upside down and I found her tucked inside. I missed the photo of her completely inside with Delta blocking the exit!

I got an update mid-week:

They’re doing great. They’ve warmed up to us very quickly and seem to love our carpeted stairs. We quickly learned Delta is trouble.

Another satisfied customer. 😉


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Wordless Wednesday

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Happy gang

It was a surprise to walk in the bedroom and see this:

Of course, this was when Jonesy wasn’t feeling well. 😉

Notice no curtain in the window? I had to take it down. The curtain rod is just one of those spring-loaded ones. The kittens kept climbing the curtain and pulling the whole thing down!

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Fun and games

Kabaka and the kittens. He seems to be embarrassed at getting “caught”. 🙂

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Heather and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Ok, it’s wasn’t that bad. But it was a little stressful, very busy, and very expensive!

Wednesday night I dropped the girls off at the clinic on my way home. We also discussed Kabaka’s ear while I was there. When I got home, Kabaka’s mom came to pick him up and we discussed the re-check for his ear.

Thursday morning I had to drop Jonesy off at the vet for his dental surgery. When I got there they told me I’d won the Farley Foundation raffle prize!! I didn’t think to take a picture before I opened it. D’oh. Jonesy really loved it, rubbing all over it even though there weren’t any cat treats:

I’m thinking I’ll donate some of the stuff to TCR for a prize at this year’s Bowlathon.

After work I had to pick up Jonesy; he ended up having two teeth removed and was still pretty groggy from the anaesthetic. Then we went to the other clinic and picked up the girls. They proved to be completely unaffected by the anaesthetic! I raced (through bad traffic when the day before there’d been none!) home and dropped everyone off. Then back in the car to go and pick up my friends’ dogs from where they were being boarded.

In a perfect world, I would have been able to take the dogs home, walk and feed them, then head to the airport to pick up my friends. Thank goodness we don’t live in a perfect world. It took longer than I expected to pick the dogs up so I bailed on the airport run. Since it took them over an hour to get their luggage, I think it’s just as well. I needed to get home to check on everyone and give Jonesy his antibiotics and pain meds. Dude was really groggy. Very glassy-eyed — when they were open at all! A stark contrast to the girls who were running around like maniacs!

Murphy did his bit to get in on the action:

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Delta and Gamma

The girls went to work the other day before being dropped at the clinic for their spays. Gamma was very skittish at first but eventually settled and I think a good time was had by all.

Afternoon nap.

Though I only saw her afraid of the printer, I was told she later learned to use it!

I came back from lunch to this!

The photos are all Brendan’s, of course.

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Annual check ups

It’s that time of year again. When Murphy and Jonesy get their annual check up. Since they’re NINE this year (what???) I decided to get a baseline senior blood panel done. All is well — with their blood work, at least.

Jonesy has a rotten tooth. 😦  I am horrified at how rotten it is, given he was seen a year ago! It’s half black, loose, and has to come out. Fortunately, we can use the bloodwork I already ordered as his “pre-surgery” bloodwork. Unfortunately, it shows he has an elevated white count. Probably the beginnings of an infection from the rotten tooth. 😦  I have to start him on antibiotics three days before surgery. Then he’ll get them afterwards as well. We’re all hoping it’s an easy extraction.

I’m so glad we discovered it; the last couple of days it’s clearly been bothering him and I would have been completely freaked out at his symptoms if I didn’t know about the tooth. As it is, I feel terrible he has to put up with it for a couple more days. He’s booked for later this week. The same day as the girls are booked for their spay. At a different clinic, of course. That’s going to be quite the day. :-s

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