Why I’ve been absent — part 1

I was called a “bad blogger” on the weekend — only half seriously by someone disappointed I’ve been so absent. So here’s my tale of woe …

Last Thursday I took Jonesy to the vet. He’d been very “low” and not eating. I dropped him in the morning to stay the day. When I arrived, the wireless connection in the cab wouldn’t work!!! I had to borrow cash from the clinic to pay the cab.

Turns out he had a bad fever (just like Murphy a little while ago!). They treated him and he seemed better; ate at the clinic. Thursday night he wouldn’t eat but I wasn’t too concerned since he’d eaten at the clinic. Friday he wouldn’t eat breakfast and was still quite “schmoopy” as the vet so scientifically says. But I went to work and hoped for the best. (It was also a very busy week at work with lots of fire-putting-out!) There’s an entire post about my trip home that day.

When I finally got home he still wouldn’t eat and the clinic was closed. So I stressed all evening about what to do. The Bowlathon was the next day and I was supposed to be there early to help set up. I had a terrible night, very little sleep. Saturday morning it was obvious his temperature was up again so I showed up at the clinic just before opening and begged them to see him. They were fantastic about that. Again the damn wireless in the cab wouldn’t work!! There is a bank machine in that plaza but it wouldn’t give me any money! I think the cab was a little scared of me. When I came out of the bank he handed me his card and said “You can call me and I’ll come to your place and get the money.”

Nicole — the tech — at the clinic was fantastic. They were busy and there were other people without appointments! Nicole took Jonesy’s temperature and, yes, it was quite high again. The vet examined him and we ended up going home after some more fluids and with some antibiotics.

(Aside; on Thursday I’d taken a fecal sample from Vivien in. They gave the me news while I was there that she — so probably all the kittens, too — has coccidia. The kittens were too small to treat so we had to wait for a bit.)

THEN, the amazing Cass came and picked me up at the clinic, drove us home, and we went off to set up for the Bowlathon. A whole day of Toronto Cat Rescue work!

At the end of an extremely tiring day, Cass drove me home so we could feed kittens and Jonesy and then go to dinner. As we pulled up to the building to park, I couldn’t find my keys. My keys are ALWAYS in my pocket. Cass checked the car. If they’d fallen out in the bathroom I would have heard them. Suddenly, the lightbulb when on. They were in my jacket — still at the bowling alley!! Back we went — meanwhile trying to contact people who were still there when we left — no jacket. Finally we got word that someone had picked it up. But it was on its way to the other side of the city!! Still, I knew where it — and the keys — were.

On the way home — again — we stopped at my friends’, who luckily were home, and picked up the extra set they have.  We fed kittens and tried to feed Jonesy, then went to dinner.

We had a long, post-mortem-on-the-bowlathon dinner (although it was supposed to be an official meeting about a new program at TCR) . I stayed up too late (unwinding) because I knew I could sleep in this morning.

However, the phone rang at 5.09AM!!! A cat needed to go to the emergency and the Foster Coordinator couldn’t get in contact with the person who usually authorizes it.  I called the clinic and got it all sorted but was still awake when the vet called me at 5.50 to give me his report. “Saddle thrombosis”; a blood clot thrown from the heart that catches at the base of the spin and paralyzes the back legs. In rare cases it’s treatable but this one sounded very serious (almost no circulation in one leg and very little in the other). By this time, the Operations Manager had been called in; she and the vet made the difficult decision to euthanize the cat.

After that, there was no going back to sleep. Besides there was plenty of work to do around the apartment. And I did get all those photos of the kittens that I posted.

… to be continued


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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5 Responses to Why I’ve been absent — part 1

  1. ugh – I’ve had those days and you really do just want to crawl under the covers

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  2. 15andmeowing says:

    How sad about the cat with saddle thrombosis. Sorry you have had such a tough time.

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    • So very sad. Apparently even if they recover, the chance of recurrence is quite high. My (nurse practitioner) sister told me that in humans, such clots are often a sign of cancer somewhere. 😦 For me, the silver lining (if there is one) is that it happened in foster care and not post-adoption!!

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  3. Oh geez! I’m worn out just reading this update…

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  4. waiting for part two before I really comment

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