One Way Love Affair

Fudge and Mickey both arrived in a large group of cats from Quebec last December.

Fudge, after vetting, ended up in a store and was very unhappy. We pulled him from the store and he came here. For days he hid under the desk in the foster room. Even when I opened the door he refused to come out for nearly two weeks. Eventually he started slinking around, regularly hiding under the couch. The only spark of interest came when I offered treats. He began, very slowly, to come around. But he cried all the time as if looking for someone. We checked with the Quebec shelter and they said he had no special friend. All his efforts at making friends with the kittens and the resident cats were rebuffed.

Mickey, after vetting, went straight to a foster home — one of “mine”. After just a few days his foster said she was thinking of adopting him. But she was called out of town and left him in the care of a friend. When we were contacted that he was sick, we sent him to the vet and after treatment, I picked him up. His severe URI meant he was confined to the foster room.

However, Fudge’s reaction to Mickey was almost immediate! Minutes after Mickey arrived Fudge came out from his hiding place under the couch and sat at the door of the foster room crying. He began to spend  more and more time not hiding but sitting in front of the foster room. They’d talk all night and try to get to each other under the door.

Finally, I decided that Mickey was well enough to be released him from the foster room. Oh! the joy! Fudge was beside himself. He chirped and rubbed up against Mickey. If Mickey was exploring, Fudge was following him; if Mickey was eating, Fudge was eating; if Mickey jumped up on the couch to be with me, Fudge jumped up on the couch to be with Mickey; if Mickey stopped, Fudge would rub up against him and lick his face or head. The first time I saw Fudge walking with his tail held high was when he was following Mickey! When Murphy started being mean to Mickey … Fudge to the rescue!

HOWEVER … I had posted Fudge to the website while Mickey was still sick. I was thinking that perhaps any friendly feline would make him happy. Almost immediately he got a referral. My heart sank. But his potential adopter had a friendly cat who was looking for a friend. Maybe it would be ok. And then the adopter backed out! A sign! I consulted with some other TCR people and we decided to list them as “bonded” (we have a special adoption fee for bonded pairs). Although I think Mickey would be ok without Fudge, Fudge has become very dependent on Mickey.

So I may have these sweet boys for a while.


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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7 Responses to One Way Love Affair

  1. bonded pairs may be harder to get adopted, but we got our paws crossed that the perfect family steps up for them

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  2. Sounds like love at first sight.

    I had a similar situation years ago. Peter needed Tinsle, but Tinsle couldn’t have cared less if Peter was around.

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  3. the6furrysisters says:

    I just saw these boys featured on the Wag the Danforth Adoptathon announcement.

    Those two are sweethearts!

    I’ve experienced having an introvert and somewhat bullied cat fall in love with a new “sister” and be accepted. There’s no one word that expresses what it feels like to see that transformation. And it’s astonishing how quickly and totally it happens.

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  5. Elise says:

    Heyya! Stopping by to let you know – in my search for new pet blogs to follow – I’ve absolutely fallen in love with yours!

    I’ve featured your blog as well as a little blurb about why I adore it so much in my new pet blogger spotlight award post here:

    Thank you for taking the time to craft your posts! You’ve got a wonderful blog! xo

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  6. tarnegolita says:

    Oh those little darlings!! That is so sweet. Worth waiting for a really good home that takes them in together! 💚

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