A *Bunch* of Updates

Completely unsolicited I got some great updates in the last few days.

Bee Balm and Quince:

Bee Balm is quite the little character – sweet, confident and fearless; he is afraid of nothing, loves adventure and climbs everything. Quince on the other hand is extremely timid, sudden movements send him scurrying under the futon. However, Q does enjoy a good romp with the feather cat teasers. I have to be very still around him so he will come out and join in the game. I believe we will eventually get to a place where he trusts me – recently he has been hiding behind my back and I can feel his whiskers tickling me. I have decided not to hold Q until he comes up to me. Sometimes he is so involved in our game that he forgets how close he is to me. I think by the end of this week he may allow me to pet him. OMG – Quince has an ominous set of claws!

Both eat well, BB not food motivated, Q loved treats / I lure him out with them.

Ethan and Casey:

Who’d have thought these:

(Casey in the lower right)


Would turn into these:

They do not always sleep in each other’s arms. But mostly. They are wonderful to together. From wrestling to cleaning each other, they are so much fun to be around. They have each decided who their true owner is. Ethan is more in character like my older daughter and defaults to her. And Casey is more in character like my younger daughter and defaults to her. You’ll be happy to know that Casey has really come out of her shell. She will saunter over and demand a good whole body rub. She’ll even wake you when you are sleeping to get rubbed while Ethan takes advantage of our sleeping to get into all the places we won’t usually let him go.

Petey (Bear):







Just a quick email update for Petey Bear (formerly Bear). We have all had a lot of upheaval ​recently with my finishing university, moving into my mom’s house in northern Ontario for a couple of months (which we shared with her dog and cat) and finally, a 2000 km, 2 day road trip to Saskatchewan. Petey was an absolute star throughout everything. He’s a social butterfly who loves people and other cats (although he never came to accept the dog). He is very chatty and I love talking to him because I’m pretty much guaranteed a response. He sits on command and loves cat nip, bird watching through open windows, chasing the laser pointer, occasional people food (I don’t eat meat but my mom does and Petey discovered if he hung out at meal times, she might share a tiny bit off her plate) and ‘helping’ me with my knitting. He’s down about 4 lbs since he came home with me, so we’re slowly moving in the right direction. I’ve attached a couple of pictures. The first is with his feline brother on top of him during a nap on the couch. The second is with both of my other cats, squished into a carrier during the move. They didn’t need to share such tight quarters as there was another carrier. But the donkeys chose to.
We are very happy together.

I am just sighing in happiness. Especially about Petey. You know, pretty much 100% that kittens will get adopted. Of course, amazing homes that provide updates are a bonus. But Petey … he was a big question mark. So happy.


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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3 Responses to A *Bunch* of Updates

  1. What a wonderful set of updates. That middle photo of Ethan and Casey – gorgeous cats!

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  2. Sharon Murray says:

    How lovely… it must make you so happy to see all of them so well placed & thriving. Sharon

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  3. Updates are the absolute best.. even if they aren’t of my fosters 🙂

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