Prepare yourself …

… for a whole lotta cute!!


She walked around for a few minutes with that spring attached to her leg. πŸ˜€

On the move


She has no qualms about letting me know she’s hungry:

Enthusiastic eater! She shoves her whole face in the food (and usually steps in it, too.)

Then it’s time to rest:

She is mostly a tough, feisty cookie but late in the evening she needs comfort in the form of suckling and kneading on my neck! Painful but worth the cuteness. And there’s nothing wrong with her purr-box (turn up your sound!).


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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4 Responses to Prepare yourself …

  1. how can you leave that poor starving kitteh in that big ol empty cage (OMGLOOK at those big fat thighs!!) feed her!!


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  2. awwww – what a cute little button

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  3. Joanna K says:

    OMG, she’s got the cutest little purr! And she is NURSING ON YOUR NECK OMG. I guess you’re her mom now!

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  4. I wasn’t prepared for all that cuteness!!!

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