The Flowers are thriving!

I got some pretty early feedback from some of the Flower adopters with some nice things to say about Toronto Cat Rescue and the adoption process:

Bee Balm & Quince

I want to thank you for all your help in finding me 2 beautiful black kittens. I am so happy and feel like a proud momma. They are settled on their room and have eaten kibble and wet food. They are disoriented at present – no momma or brothers but I just checked on them and one already came out to lay on the sofa. They have a nice cushion on floor and accessible futon – which they like to hide under.  I left the kennel open in case they feel more secure inside. Very shy right now but don’t think it will take long to warm up, I am letting them set the pace.  All areas for potential danger ie. wall sockets and lamp cord, have been secured and hidden. I also knotted the curtains because I recollected former kitten climbing a curtain.
I love their names and will not be changing them. They are adorable I can already see distinct personality differences. I think Quince is the alpha but too soon to tell. I will send pictures as promised, just want them to be comfortable first.
So once again thank you – I have a family again.  Pearl [dog] knows they’re in the house but had not figured out where they went, she is sort of slinking around and avoiding me (going to give her a nice bone in the morning).
I also forgot to tell you that the care packages were wonderful. What a loving and smart gift – had everything that I could use immediately. Kittens are presently playing catch with the crinkle balls. I also used the cat food and blankets/matts immediately – so useful and sweet of the volunteers.
The whole process with Toronto Cat Rescue has been enjoyable. Should you have any requests of me please contact ….
I will keep you posted once things are normalized – adjustment period may take a while. Kittens discovered they can hide under the futon- it’s a small sofa design.  Good news is they are using litter box, drinking, eating and interacting with me through chasing toys.
The facilitator at the store was lovely, wonderful and patient. Sorry to say I was so distracted by the whole adoption I completely forget her name [Jen!].


First off I have renamed Lotus to Coconut “Coco” for short. Although Lotus was a beautiful name I wanted a name to go with my resident cat Kiwi … So now we have “the fruits” haha
Coconut is such an amazing little soul. He has adapted right away to his new surroundings curious and hyper and just oh so loving and affectionate. I tried to contain him to his “safe room” but he wanted no part of that, he just wanted to be in here hanging with the gang. Kiwi was quite taken aback having her castle invaded by a rambunctious kitty but she is adapting very well, with time and patience I know she will love him. Coco is so eager to be Kiwi’s friend he continually tries to play despite a few hisses. I allow them to be together when I am home and contain him in his safe room when I am not (gives Kiwi a little break too hehe) Coco does not like being away from Kiwi while I’m gone but better safe then sorry. Thank you for the little gift bag, Coco loves the little mouse so much he takes it all over, and the homemade blanket almost put me in tears (how thoughtful) you guys must have really loved them and I promise to give him the best home.

and a little later:

I’m so happy to update that last night we had major progress Kiwi and Coconut were interacting amazingly. Playing and chasing each other all around the house. Even sleeping on the rug together, not snuggling but the fact that Kiwi fell asleep next to Coconut was shocking. Kiwi is starting to enjoy Coconut’s company. To the point that at bed time I put Coconut in his safe room and Kiwi sat outside the door and meowed at me, not understanding why the “fun was over” hahaha!

No photos yet, but I am hopeful (though Lotus/Coconut was posted on the TCR Facebook page!)

About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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4 Responses to The Flowers are thriving!

  1. Sharon Murray says:

    How lovely… the adopters, the kittens but most of all TCR and you Heather.Good work all.

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  2. Connie says:

    updates are the best! even when they aren’t of my kitties, I love hearing them.

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  3. I love that the adopter is keeping the name Bee Balm!

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