The effort of taking them

(Heh … I realized I posted in the wrong order. This was supposed to be posted before the work pictures. It explains the confusing last paragraph that referred to Ethan’s “poop” adventure.)

I mentioned the effort of taking the kittens to work. I didn’t mention what happened on the way home.

Ethan pooped in the carrier. I’ve only had that happen when I had the car and I’m amazed it hasn’t happened sooner. In fairness, he tried to tell me but I didn’t get it and couldn’t done anything about it anyway. I was in embarrassed agony for a few stops (luckily the bus was pretty empty and there wasn’t anyone near me) until our transfer spot. Then I found a shady spot (at the getting off spot), carefully opened the carrier and pulled out their towel and the bottom insert of the carrier. Fortunately the hustle and bustle of a busy intersection meant they had NO interest in coming out of the carrier. And I was pretty quick. I cleaned it mostly up with the towel and then went to throw the towel out. We have these REALLY annoying garbage bins here:

They seem like a good idea; compact and they keep garbage and recycling separate (theoretically). But see that litter hole? Really small. And the spring mechanism? (you step on the foot thing and the little flap opens) Really tight. Not to mention they rarely seem to be emptied often enough and for some reason are the frequent target of vandals.

So there I was with a towel covered in diarrhea, trying to shove it through that small hole. The door snapped shut and managed to fling poo all over my hand! Gross. So now the kittens smell fine but I stink. I hate hand sanitizer so don’t carry it. I had few kleenexes and some hand cream. I did the best I could. (As soon as I got home — after thoroughly washing my hands! — I put a bunch of “wet wipes” in my knapsack!!) When Casey started to cry and pick at the carrier I thought “Oh, no, not again!” and quickly grabbed a couple of the free newspapers out of a nearby box and lined the carrier with them. Fortunately, false alarm.

I missed my bus, of course, and it was a million degrees out and very little shade at the second bus stop. HOWEVER there were two delightful little girls with a lemonade stand set up! They got to look at kittens (no petting allowed by either supervising Dad or me) and I got a large cup of very cold, very good lemonade. It cooled me down and got me through the long (construction on my route) trip home.



About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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  1. Well that WAS quite the adventure! Glad you were able to enjoy some nice lemonade though to cool down!

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