Ups and downs

Socialization of everyone (except Ace, of course) continues. The girls sometimes still hide from me but sometimes seem to barely notice me. Baloo and Ace are fast friends, though she needs a break every once in a while — he’s very needy.

Little Casey was not feeling great. While Ethan’s bowel movements normalized, Casey’s  got worse. Terrible gassy diarrhea. And she lost weight. I had a feeling that Ethan was eating all the food with the probiotics in it or at least most of it. So I started giving her a dose of probiotics, mixed in water, by syringe. Sunday night she wouldn’t eat so I also forced some formula mixed with canned food into her*. She was NOT impressed but I wanted her to have something in her stomach. I’ve seen her nibbling on kibble a few times (not to mention Temptations) but that could worsen her dehydration so it’s important I try to get some fluids in her.

I took them to work with me on Monday so I could monitor more closely and give canned food more often. Ethan started howling as we headed out of the building which made me very nervous. Once we were outside they were either too fascinated or too terrified to make any noise. Likewise the bus ride was completely silent. When we got to work they had a snack and were content to snooze in the (open) carrier. Casey ate a good lunch and snacked on and off. At dinner I kept watch to make sure she was getting her share of probiotic-laced food. At her weigh-in later she’d gained what she lost on Sunday and more! Yay! She’s such a skinny little thing — everyone comments on it — she can’t afford to lose.

Tuesday at work, they were either feeling a LOT better or a LOT more comfortable; lots of racing around and climbing things and getting into trouble. So happy to see it! And lots of good eating at lunch time. I had to get them seconds after they cleaned the plate completely of firsts. I’m so glad I’m able to bring them to work; it means they get four good canned food meals plus all the snacking they want. That night Casey had gained 60grams in 24 hours! So totally worth the effort of taking them.


*syringe feeding terrifies me and I will only do it if I’m extremely concerned. Although she’s older, the danger of aspirating the liquid is very real. I’ve seen a few online kittens lost that way.


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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  1. That’s great that Casey is doing better. And yes, such a good thing that you’re able to take them to work when you need to.

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