Cats and not cats

Another setback with the new fosters; someone has been peeing and pooping outside the litter box in the foster room. 😦  I’m not sure who, though I suspect Raksha. I removed the blanket they had used to pee on and set up a second litter box. Fingers crossed. I suspect it may because the Tree family really stunk up the room — all those kitten accidents. I didn’t have a chance to change the floor. On the other hand, I don’t want to put down the new floor and have somebody “christen” it unpleasantly. Hmmmm.

I got a great update on Percy — I’ll post details later.

Pete has gone to another foster home — just temporarily. I’ll get him back next week. My young cat sitters are coming in for the boys and the new fosters. I want Pete to have more monitoring than that; hence the move.

I’m heading away for business. Which brings me to the “not cat” part. I’m off to one of our biggest conferences of the year; the American Library Association Annual conference. I don’t write about my work much. I work for a children’s book publisher; as I always say, don’t ask me about your manuscript — I’m in production not editorial. We’re not a big house so there’s a lot of crossover and helping other departments out. Normally, production people wouldn’t go to this kind of conference but I’ve been here a long time and I know the books well.

This year’s conference is in Orlando, FL. Yes, Orlando*. I’m not worried — at all. I’m not afraid. But I know it will be an emotionally-charged event. Although I love getting out of the office, once in a while, I find conferences exhausting at the best of times. Is a big deal for an introvert. There’s a good reason I’m not in sales.

Ironically — and thankfully — one of the themes of this year’s conference is diversity. I’m proud to say that our publishing list includes plenty of diverse books. We were already participating in a multi-publisher presentation of diverse titles (I have to speak — in front of people!!!) and will have a special handout featuring our most recently published diverse books.

The conference organizers are working to add more events to recognize the tragedy and support the city of Orlando. At the end of every conference the organization collects up books from publishers to distribute them to local libraries. We’ve packed a few more of our titles with LGBT themes and/or those that address bullying. If I don’t hand them out to eager librarians, they’ll go in the packages for local libraries.

First thing Monday after the tragedy, the president of the ALA issued a statement:

ALA President Sari Feldman’s June 13th statement expresses the importance of joining together to support the community in Orlando. “Our nation’s libraries serve communities with equity, dignity and respect. ALA will carry this legacy to Orlando. In defiance of fear, ignorance and intolerance, the library community will continue its profound commitment to transforming communities by lending its support.”

THIS is one of the reasons why libraries are so very important. This is what the best librarians are about. Support your local library!


*Postscript. Major conferences like this are planned years in advance. (Right now the ALA website lists conference locations up until 2027!) The June 2006 conference was planned for New Orleans. In August 2005 we all know what happened to New Orleans. The ALA Annual Conference 2006 was the first major conference to be held in NOLA, post-Katrina. I know people who attended that conference. They are still overwhelmed by the love and gratitude extended by the people of New Orleans. Five years later I attended the conference, once again, in New Orleans. Residents and business owners were still talking about it and professing their love for “the librarians”. The only time the ALA conference came to Canada was Toronto at the end of the SARS scare — with record attendance! On lighter note? I’m not sure I’d want the ALA booked for my city — again. 😉

About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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6 Responses to Cats and not cats

  1. I hope you have a wonderful conference! Sounds like the ALA is doing their part to support Orlando and the community – and that’s wonderful! Good luck on your presentation.

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  2. Connie says:

    I grew up in libraries.. being an introvert myself. Long after my love of libraries was developed, my mother ended up getting a job at the middle school in the library and worked there for years before moving on to community libraries.

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  3. Katie says:

    We definitely support libraries. My mom was instrumental in getting the first store front library built against the objections of the library board. This was before the internet so she spent a lot of time letter writing. This same store front library is about to go through a major expansion thanks to the community, the city councillor, a local developer and the library board who changed the policies to make this happen. We are so grateful and very excited to see the work begin.

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