Suitcases all packed (sniff)

Their surgeries are booked for Thursday (not Cedar or the Wee Trees) and their little “suitcases” are all packed:

IMG_4925Everybody gets a copy of their bio (their medical records will go in there, too), a homemade blankie that smells like home, a toy, a small can of their food. I found I hated just “dumping” them. I wanted their adopters to know how much they were loved and hope it encourages them to get in touch.

I’ve been watching them even more, trying to figure out their personalities, so I can write their bios. Even though kittens this size rarely make it to the website (they’re adopted too quickly!) I still send a write-up with them. And of course I have to write up Oprah. But that’s easier; we’ve had more time and more interaction. So, things I’ve observed so far:

IMG_4878Aspen: most outgoing. Friendly and affectionate. She always runs to me and plays with my feet/ankles. If I sit or lie down, she’s the one who comes running and flops on her side for petting and belly rubs. She’s also a bit of a devil; always the first to zoom out of the room if she gets a chance and loves to hide and make me find her. Seriously, it feels more like “Hide and Seek” everyday! And I love, love, LOVE, the sound of her gallop-y paws on the floor.



IMG_4906Maple: most timid. She’s coming around but still tends to stay in the background. She’s much more interested in interacting with me than she used to be. Likes to climb my legs! Very playful and likes to be with her siblings. We had visitors the other day and she was afraid at first but eventually came out to play.





IMG_4903Linden: sweet boy. He’s the biggest (by quite a bit) and he could bully the others but he doesn’t (except maybe at the milk bar). He’s curious and playful. I often find him cuddling with one of the Wee ones!




IMG_4879Birch: alternates between timid and brave. Sometimes he runs and hides, sometimes he competes with Aspen to be the first out the door! He’s also a jumping bean! Whenever it’s playtime, Birch seems to spend most of his time in the air. He loves to run and pounce on his siblings.






Cedar: most independent. Often when all the others are together, whether eating or sleeping, Cedar will be off on her own. She likes attention and is happy when I pick her up or pet her, but I suspect she would be fine being an only pet. She’s a bit of a fussy eater; I often have to feed her separately and I haven’t figured out if it’s the food she doesn’t like or the crowd around the plate.




IMG_4909Magnolia: happy and affectionate. Very placid for a calico! Sleeps a lot, loves to snuggle with any of her siblings. Often will come to meet me when I come in the room. Not shy at all.






IMG_4908Cherry: not as placid as Magnolia, but also happy and affectionate. She always runs to meet me. Bit of a drama queen when I pick her up, sometimes, but getting more used to it. Determined to explore.






It looks like they will all — including Oprah — go to the same store. A new partner for us. And it looks like I will deliver them. That’s the toughest. Gulp.


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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5 Responses to Suitcases all packed (sniff)

  1. Katie and kids says:

    We are all sad to see them go but it is time for their furever homes. It is Oprah’s turn to have her chance in the spotlight. Good luck little ones!!!

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  2. Joanna K says:

    Kitten suitcases! OMG, I love it.

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  3. Connie Smith says:

    I bought some blank greeting cards a few years ago that were an off white color, which didn’t work with my project so they were sitting around for a long time. I decided to use those to write up adoption profiles, and they are a huge hit with the shelter and the adopters..

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  4. Oh, so sad that they’re leaving. I love these writeups and that you include a blankie in each bag. That’s so sweet and cute! I love Cherry’s face and would be so tempted to adopt her if we weren’t, you know, 2500 miles apart! I hope the adopters keep in touch.

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