Not really about cats

I’ve been nominated for a Liebster Award by Rachel at Three Chatty Cats. (Check her out, especially to see her three beautiful cats!)

For the award, you’re supposed to list 11 interesting things about yourself, answer ten questions from the nominator, nominate ten other bloggers and pose ten questions to them. It’s actually the second time I’ve been nominated and the first time I was stunned and stymied. Partly because I’m not that keen on writing about myself (unless it pertains to foster adventures!) and partly because I don’t really see myself as a blogger! More a diarist. (Hey, even Samuel Pepys wrote about his cat!)

This time I tried. I really did! I could only think of seven interesting things about myself — I lead a very quiet life! And I really don’t know where to start with nominating bloggers. Most of the ones I follow have been around quite a while and are well established (a Liebster is supposed to be for newbies).

I can answer the questions that Rachel posed:

  1. How many pets have you had in your life? 13 cats, mice when I was a kid and fish
  2. What is the farthest place from home you’ve traveled? Italy
  3. Do you prefer coffee or tea? coffee
  4. When did you start your blog? August 2014
  5. Why did you start your blog? To keep track of my foster adventures; I found I was forgetting their stories.
  6. What is your favorite snack food? Mood dependent, but usually salty over sweet; pistachios, chips.
  7. What is your social media of choice (if any)? None. The only one I participate in at all is Facebook and hardly that.
  8. What house of Hogwarts would you be sorted into? Of course everyone wants to be Gryffindor, but really, I’m more Hufflepuff.
  9. What’s your favorite season and why? Fall! I like the cool weather and, of course, here we have some of the most spectacular fall colours.
  10. What’s the last movie you saw or book you read? Movie: Star Wars Book: The Luminaries by Eleanor Catton and The Lighthouse by P.D. James (it’s a bit of a surprise that they’re “grown up” books; I read a LOT of YA)

I won’t totally give up on the idea of complete this task, but it’s going to take some time and a lot of thought.


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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9 Responses to Not really about cats

  1. Ha, I think I would end up in Hufflepuff with you. I used to read a lot of YA as well, but haven’t lately. In fact, the more recent books I’ve read have been about real life cats. Imagine that! I love following your fosters – thank you for sharing!

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  2. Sharon Murray says:

    But what about the kittens???

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  3. Chandra Wohleber says:

    This is not kitty related! (Sorry.) But I see that you’ve read The Luminaries. How was it? I’ve been curious but hesitant about it.


    • Neither was the post, really, so you’re good! Didn’t like it. Seemed bloated to me. Jumps around in time a LOT (not that I’m automatically adverse to that) and just seems to take a LOOOOOONG time to get where it’s going. Lots of repetition from different characters’ perspectives. Needed a better editor, I think. 😉 I got it at the Christmas party; Elaine has it now. I could try and get it when she’s done if you like.


  4. Chandra Wohleber says:

    Hmm. Good to know! That’s what some reviewers said too: that it was longer than it needed to be and could have used editing. But still, I’d be interested in taking a look after Elaine has finished it. (NO rush whatsoever as I could build a wall along the US border with the books I have on my shelves and haven’t read yet). Thank you! And Happy Friday. 🙂

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  5. Chandra Wohleber says:

    P.S. That period needs to be inside the parenthesis in my message above. *Self-editing.

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