Oprah update

Tuesday: It took me nearly three hours to get her to eat. 😦  However, she did try to purr and she looooves being held. Problem is she’s still so sneezy (when I got home she had a huge string of snot on the top of her head!) and she likes to look at me. There are a LOT of things I would do for my fosters but taking a very productive sneeze full in the face isn’t one of them. Her belly seemed noticeably bigger — and it’s not food! (Under all her fur her bones are sticking out.)

Wednesday: It was a little easier to get her to eat breakfast and she almost cleaned the dish. It’s hard for her to get the “corners” because she can’t smell that there’s food there.

My first impression in the evening wasn’t good. I washed her face and there was actual blood on the cloth, not just pink. Her poor nose must feel awful. But once I got her eating, she wolfed her dinner down — completely clean dish! — and clearly wanted more. I rushed to prepare another helping. When I got back to her she had an awful sneezing attack, but happily tucked into her seconds! She polished that off, too, so I didn’t hesitate to give her more. She didn’t finish the thirds, but when she stopped eating, she turned and pushed one of the toys around a bit!!! Never been so happy to see a cat push a stupid plastic ball! I also finally discovered she likes being brushed. She ate some more before bedtime!

Thursday: Last straight day of antibiotics; now we switch to every other day. I didn’t have to actually syringe food into her; just using my finger to put some on her lips did the trick. She didn’t eat as much as Wednesday night, but then, I’m not surprised!

When I got home, she was definitely more alert. Lots of looking out the window in the door to see what everyone else was up to. She wasn’t as ravenous, apparently, and it took some more effort to get her to eat. She loves, loves, loves being brushed and is desperate for attention and cuddles. All I have to do is sit on the floor and she comes and climbs in my lap and curls up.

For the first time in nearly eight years, I’ve turned on the heat in my condo! My unit is small, and tucked into a kind of a corner in my building. It’s protected and tends to be pretty warm; I keep the windows open all winter! If it gets really cold outside, I put a sweater on. I’d rather be cool than hot, any day. But with temperatures reaching -24ºC (-11ºF) yesterday, it was getting pretty chilly in here. So I decided Oprah needed a bit of extra warmth.

Friday: Well, she’s definitely a breakfast girl. Except for her feast on Wednesday night she really likes breakfast best. She just finished and now she’s having a proper wash — the first I’ve seen! (Not just rubbing her irritated face.)

The plan is to get her room cleaned up (scrub away all those sneeze marks!) and set up her nesting box.  Maybe get some pictures now that she’s feeling and looking better. Then it’s all about “kitten watch”. I’ve talked to Tammy, our building concierge who adopted Ella, about checking on her while I’m at work. If anything seems to be happening, she’ll call me and I’ll come home. But we’ve got three days — Monday is a holiday here — before I have to worry about that.


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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