Interlude …

From foster talk.

The resident cats had their annual check-up yesterday. Their first time at our new vet. (Though Murphy went there earlier for his stomach upset.) We spent some of the time catching up on their histories — which isn’t much. Murphy was diagnosed with a very minor heart murmur when he was younger; Dr. Amanda couldn’t hear it. Which is good! Jonesy has always had trouble keeping weight on and trouble with his anal glands.

In a behaviour turnaround, Murphy came right out of the carrier, Jonesy had to be convinced. It’s usually the other way around.

For years, Murphy has had little growths on the ends of some of his paw pads. My previous vet said they don’t hurt and when she touched them, they just fell off. He has some again, and though Dr. Amanda said the same thing, he will not let me touch his affected toes. Dr. Amanda also told me that they were a kind of papillomavirus!! So my little dude has warts of a sort! 😉  This time, Dr. Amanda just cut them off when she cut his nails. Of course he let her do whatever she wants. Honestly, if I touch those toes he acts like I’m inflicting the worst pain possible! He’s lost a little weight since his last visit, which is good. It probably would have been more except he’s been cleaning Ella’s dish every chance he gets.

He likes the carrier better from the outside!

He likes the carrier better from the outside!

I had a couple of concerns with Jonesy; his usual anal gland trouble and, more worrying, he’s had two fall just in the last couple of days. After all the usual check-up things, she expressed his glands. And yes, she also noticed they’re not quite in the right place. We talked about his falls. Unfortunately, he’s almost eight, which is senior age. She’s says it’s possible he’s getting a bit of arthritis though she couldn’t feel it; apparently his looooong legs can make him more susceptible to it. Good thing he’s skinny. She also thought he may have a bit of muscle wasting on his back legs; hard to tell since it’s the first time she’s seen him. We’re going to put him on glucosamine and see if that helps. No doubt he’ll be due for anal gland attention in a few months and she can see him again.

Bird watching!

Bird watching!

Generally, their checkups were good. All systems normal. Teeth good, coats healthy an shiny. They were very sleepy when they got home (shots) and I was a little concerned that Jones spent most of the night sleeping under the bed (though he’d purr when I petted him) but by morning he was up in the top of the cat tree and as soon as I got up, rushed out for breakfast. Though he quickly went back to bed — on the bed. Murphy spent the whole night on the end of the bed — also unusual — and didn’t rush out for breakfast when I got up. No wonder my previous vet recommended leaving out the rabies vaccine when my cats got really old; it must be really hard on their systems.

About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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