New charges

So literally seconds after I emailed my coordinator and the adoption counsellor that Joe had been adopted, my “dealer” emailed to ask who I wanted next!!!! I hadn’t even included her in the email. Sometimes the TCR system can be very … efficient!

Because Ella was still in quarantine, and because I was dog-sitting, I asked to hold off and wait for the HSI cats. That way I could finish Ella’s quarantine and prepare the room for new visitors. They arrived last night. Presenting:





First order of business will be to get better photos! These are their intake photos. I got them collars, thinking I might have a little trouble telling them apart at first, but Shakira is TINY. (Though still twice as big as Ella!) I think they’ll get new names, too. 😉

Luckily, they are already quarantined so shouldn’t need to be separated long. More importantly, it means Ella can stay with them — better for her because she’s lonely but I’m also hoping they’ll help with her education. I’m hoping she’ll see/hear them drinking water, that they’ll help with her litter box accidents and that they’ll help with her manners. She’s getting a little too bitey and aggressive and needs other cats to teach her the way. My guys don’t want to have much to do with her; Murphy hisses if she gets within four feet of him and Jonesy lets her approach and then whaps her on the head! She needs friends — cats who will play with her but who will also teach her some boundaries.

When I went to pick them up they were very stressed from their trip hiding, crouched, in the back of the cage. But both were easily handled. When I got home I left them in the carrier with the door open. The crack that is Temptations treats lured Shakira to the doorway, with Regine watching carefully from behind her. Eventually Shakira came out and explored. Regine stayed in the carrier, but in a very relaxed sleeping posture. Eventually she, too, came out and had a look around. I’m sure they both were exhausted from their ordeal. I didn’t see any eating (other than Temptations) but I did see Shakira — and later Regine — drink. Later, both used the litter box.

Ella was NOT welcoming at first, issuing a couple of quite alarming hisses. But she settled eventually and was mostly curious*. I think her low vision makes introductions harder than usual — she sniffs and sniffs and then gets alarmed when something suddenly appears. And I think the all black cats are a little hard for her to see!


*When I left them last night, Shakira and Regine were tucked in bed and Ella was nose-to-nose with Regine. This morning? Ella had them both cornered under the desk!! So she’s at work with me — to give THEM a break.


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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  1. Welcome new kitties 🙂 I have a soft spot for black cats. If I lived near you, I’d be trying to adopt them! Hope they acclimate well and Ella learns from them.

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