Sweet Lou-Lou-Bell

With only two kittens, Lou has been able to come into her own. It’s like she doesn’t want me to miss Hamish — or she’s ready to take the limelight herself. She, too, now snuggles up under my chin, purring up a storm, and sometimes licking my chin the way Hamish did. Mei is always nearby, but it’s Lou who’s front and centre.

IMG_4013She’s figured out how to get up on the kitchen counter. I’m not quite sure how she does it; I’ll be working in the kitchen and she appears on the breakfast bar. A couple of times I’ve turned around and she’s standing in the sink! It doesn’t matter how many times I put her on the floor, as long as I’m working there she’ll just run around, make her way onto the dining table, and from there up onto the breakfast bar. And she’s fast.

Lou and Claire have been playing. They chase each other like maniacs; one minute Lou  comes flying out of the bedroom with Claire chasing her and the next, the tables are turned and Lou is in hot pursuit. I’m a little nervous as I couldn’t gauge Claire’s intentions but all seems to be good. Claire loves her play, and when Murphy was in no shape to indulge her,  I guess she decided to be nice and not risk her fun. I was really worried when I saw them wrestling, but Lou didn’t make a sound — and went back for more — so I’m pretty sure it’s ok.

IMG_4004Both Lou and Mei are really good at coming when they’re called. As long as there’s food or time on the couch involved. And eat? Holy smokes it’s hard to believe there was ever a time when I worried about either of their appetites. Breakfast and dinner the other day, disappeared almost before I could turn around. A WHOLE can, both meals. And another at bedtime. I don’t think Lou is eating the kitten kibble, even though she has access. But she can’t wait to get at the adult kibble. I keep catching her eating the T/D, which is a veterinary dental kibble my guys love and have eaten for years. The kibbles are large — like big chick-pea size. I don’t even know how she manages to eat them!

I’ve been sick the last couple of days. Just a bad cold, but colds tend to go straight to my weak lungs and knock me flat. All five felines have been very attentive, but the best is when the kittens lie butt-to-butt across my chest. It’s like a furry heating pad on my lungs! Tavi-the-wonder-cat used to always sleep on my chest when I was sick. But she weighed over 15 pounds! Not really very helpful. 😉  Four pounds is more manageable.

The kittens were supposed to go for their surgery this week, but YM is booked up so it’s been postponed until early next week. A few more days of kitten fun!


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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