Uncle Jonesy strikes again

He was grumping a bit, but I think he really was having fun.

Setting the trap.

Luring them in.

Pretend outrage.

Reset trap.

Try a different lure.

Observe success.

Spring trap!

This morning I saw the sweetest exchange. Hamish is a bit rambunctious. (!!!!) He tends to play too rough with his siblings, especially now that Gabby isn’t around to discipline. The resident cats (and Claire) have been doing their part, if only in his interactions with them. They regularly hiss at him and box his ears. I’ve even seen them knock him flying! I’d feel bad, but he usually deserves it and has to learn. This morning he came up to Jonesy, very politely, and they touched noses. Jonesy lifted a paw in readiness, but Hamish was already turning to walk away. Jonesy, oh so gently, patted him on the head!


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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4 Responses to Uncle Jonesy strikes again

  1. Katie says:

    I wasn’t sure but do you still have the mother from the Brave litter or was she moved out when you got Gabby?


  2. Heather says:

    I still have Claire. 😦 She’s still a little skittish but MUCH happier since Gabby left. Gabby was *mean* to her. She’s been very friendly and attentive since Gabby left. Sat on the couch with me the whole first evening! 🙂 She’s very chatty and will actually ask for petting.


    • Katie says:

      Hi Heather, I know you still have Claire but what happened to Arabelle? Was she moved with the Brave litter?


      • Heather says:

        Sorry — getting confused!! Of course, Arabelle. After her surgery (Aug 28) she was moved to another foster for fattening up. She eventually went to a store and was adopted on Sept. 12.


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