It’s been quite a week

Man, eight kittens (+ four cats) will keep you busy. I haven’t even had time to take many photos. 😦  Which is a shame because they’re adorable!

The other night I got home and all the “kitten chores” (plus cat dinners) took over an hour to complete. That’s before cleaning up after the human and making human dinner. And doesn’t include runs to the compost bin (every day with litter — usually on my way out in the morning) or recycling (cat food tins!!!)

Monday, Lou didn’t eat all day and was vomiting. She wouldn’t even nurse; would only cuddle with Gabby. That meant force-feeding her weak formula to try and keep her hydrated. She (& Mei & Hamish) came to work with me on Tuesday and she seemed a bit better. But Tuesday night she wouldn’t eat and with still no eating by Wednesday (she & Mickey & Hamish came to work), we made a stop at the vet on the way home. They de-wormed her, gave her sub-cutaneous fluids, and prescribed antibiotics. After two doses of antibiotics she was back to her old self. Eating with gusto and playing and running.

IMG_3752HOWEVER, in the meantime, Mei, Mickey, and Cullen all came down with the same symptoms, though at least Mickey and Cullen would nurse. So I started them on the antibiotics, too, picked up de-worming medicine from TCR (Which involved two extra buses and an extra 11km to get home from work. Not much by car, but by Toronto Transit on a Friday afternoon????) and dosed everyone who hadn’t already been dosed — including Gabby.

IMG_3751On Thursday I stopped at the vet again to pick up two fosters! Not for me. Just to hold for another foster person who couldn’t get to the clinic before closing. But I did manage to freak some people out when I told them I was picking up two more kittens. (Right, Kelly and Brigitte?)

Meals are a huge process, especially dinner. Jonesy, Murphy, Claire all get a little bit of wet food. Gabby gets a whole can of wet food. The kittens get a whole can of Fancy Feast mixed in with RC Babycat, split onto two plates. A few days ago they all (except Hamish!) refused to eat the Babycat. So I’m using the stinky FF and trying to re-introduce the Babycat.

Meal prep for eight kittens, one mom, one adult foster, and two resident cats.

Meal prep for eight kittens, one mom, one adult foster, and two resident cats.

And I think I’ve done laundry every night this week.

Nell and Hamish have become escape artists. They rush out of the room as soon as I open the door and lead me on a chase around the apartment — unless I’m bringing food in. Then there’s a rapid about-face and scramble back to be first at the dish! Annoying as it can be, it’s pretty adorable to watch them racing around! One morning, Nell was leading me around, making me late, and Claire sprang out and stopped her in her tracks. Claire, who did not enjoy motherhood, is fascinated with the kittens. She was really fascinated with the two orphans we had the one evening. She spent most of the evening crouched outside the bathroom, sniffing under the door. Maybe it’s like being an aunt (me) and knowing you can give them back.

The strap on the door handles seems to be working, but Gabby is always anxious to get out. I try to let her roam free as long as I’m home. She’s much happier lying on the couch than staying in with the kids.

An extremely rare occurrence; Gabby in the nest nursing. Usually she just lays down wherever they can trap her!

An extremely rare occurrence; Gabby in the nest nursing. Usually she just lays down wherever they can trap her!

The other photo is better, but LOOK at Hamish's little butt in the air!

The other photo is better, but LOOK at Hamish’s little butt in the air!











In a surprising turn of events, Claire and Murphy are becoming friends! I don’t think Murphy has done more than tolerate any of the fosters, but he and Claire play together regularly. Frenzied games of chase, but no hissing or vocalizing, which convinces me it’s in fun. They’ve even both been on the bed at the same time with me. Granted, he was under the covers and she was at the foot of the bed, but still.


About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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