Here’s to the vet staff

Any animal rescuer can’t do what they do without the support and knowledge of veterinarians and their staff. I’ve been fortunate enough to have had mostly great experiences with all the vets I’ve dealt with, both my own and the various TCR clinics.

This particular shout-out is to the wonderful staff at York Mills Animal Hospital, Allison and Nicole. Their caring and dedication is inspiring. I’ve seen them stay HOURS past their end of shift because an animal (or animals) need them. One dark, rainy evening Allison even drove me home rather than see me wait any longer for a cab with an under-the-weather cat!

They are always cheerful, smiling, and willing to answer a hundred questions. Even when I constantly show up early — before opening, as is my wont — they are pleasant and kind. They listen to all the stories with a smile, most of which I’m sure they’ve heard a thousand times. They’re great with animals but they also have to be great with people.

Everyone thinks, “Oh, it must be so nice cuddling animals all day long”, and there is plenty of that. But there’s also:

  • trying to get a blood sample from an emaciated, terrified rescue cat
  • telling a brand new adopter that the lovely cat they adopted has FIP and must be euthanized to end his suffering
  • picking scabs off a tiny rescue kitten’s butt and then closely examining said scab (and the pus under it!) to try and determine its origin
  • corralling the feral rescue that escaped it cage and then cleaning up the liberal and far-reaching spray of urine it released in its terror
  • bathing feces off six orphaned kittens
  • knowing you’re inflicting pain on an animal but knowing it’s necessary to help them
  • pleasantly rescheduling “that” client who keeps making/breaking/re-booking appointments
  • trying to diagnose and help over the phone because the client doesn’t want to pay for an office visit (but you still want to help the animal)
  • squeezing in yet another rescue cat visit because you know they wouldn’t ask if it wasn’t urgent

So here’s to Allison and Nicole and to the veterinarians and their dedicated staff everywhere! Thank you all for what you do.



About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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