There’s six of ’em there!

Dare I hope to have an “easy” time with this group????? Mama is healthy and they’re all hers. Arabelle (she came named) is pretty small and sooooo skinny. Approximately two years old. She’d been here less than an hour and she ate almost a whole can of food, purred, and played! Very affectionate; NOT impressed with Claire who has tried to reach under the door to say “hello”.

ArabelleThe kittens — about six weeks — are three boys, three girls:

  • dark tabby (male)
  • mostly black (female)
  • white & grey (female) VERY brave!
  • grey tabby & white (male)
  • black & white (male, all white face, black ears)
  • black & white (female)

This time I really need help with names. Theme names are great for kittens.

The naming rules again:

  1. must be in the A – L half of the alphabet (doesn’t apply here so much; kittens sometimes don’t even make it to the website!)
  2. can’t be a million of the same name already on the website (see above)
  3. no rude/stupid/disrespectful names
  4. no colour names (ie. Snowball, Blackie, Ginger)
  5. not too long; I have to fill out paperwork! 😉
  6. I’m not a fan of inanimate object names (ie. Salt & Pepper) but if they were really good, I’d consider it

I would love a “Walking Dead”-themed litter, but I’m not sure the names “work”. Opinions? For those of you who don’t watch 1) why not? 2) names to choose from are, in no particular order and leaving out characters I dislike: Daryl (!!!), Sam, Otis, Noah, Morgan, Dale, Glen, Abraham, Sasha, Carol, Maggie, Michonne, Beth. For those of you who watch, the only names I absolutely won’t consider: Shane, Andrea, Lori, Gabriel, and any of the “big bads”.

Anybody out there watch “Hell on Wheels”? Some good names in there, too. (Cullen, Mickey, Elam, Sean, Ezra, Paddy, Dix, Eva, Ruth, Louise, Lily, Nell, Maggie) Plus I’d enjoy calling them the Hell on Wheels litter. Hee.

All that being said, I’d entertain any good theme. Not a huge fan of the cutesy (ie. Disney) but would consider just about anything as long as it provides six gender appropriate names. So c’mon people — help a family of kittens out here. I’ll put all the themes in a hat and draw. Though, for now, I reserve the right to actually assign names. 😉



About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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6 Responses to LOOK WHAT I HAVE!!!

  1. Bella and Esme says:

    Walking dead theme – we like! Daryl is a must! We also liked Lori too though x

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  2. Katie Kwaczek says:

    I know you said no Disney but since you said one was brave Olivia got the idea that you should use names from the Disney movie Brave. So here is the list:

    -the white and grey female is Merida
    -the dark tabby male is Angus
    -the mostly black female is Willow
    -the grey and white male is Hamish
    -the black and white female is Elinor
    -the black and white male is Fergus

    You can call this the Brave litter.


    • Heather says:

      Oooo … I like the “Brave” aspect. More than you can imagine until you see my upcoming post! And the names are lovely. Except we just had a “Fergus” with The Outlanders. Is there another male name? Just in case. I’ve had quite a bit of enthusiasm for The Walking Dead. It might be very appropriate in a black humour kind of way.


  3. Katie Kwaczek says:

    You can also go with Hubert or Harris instead of Fergus. Good luck with the naming process.


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