So quiet

Except for the high-pitched “rrrrrrrrrs” that occasionally come out of Jonesy and Arthur. Usually when I’m asleep. Jerks. They’re so weird. Most of the time they either ignore each other or nicely touch noses. A couple of times a day there’s a stand-off with the creepy “rrrrrrrs”. Every once in a while there’s slapping and hissing and scrambling. I think it’s territorial and I think it’s over me. The worst time seems to be bed time and jockeying for bed positions. Still, better territorial howling than territorial peeing!!!

With everyone healthy — and adult — it just seems so easy and quiet. Murphy and Arthur are annoyed about restricted food, but otherwise, all is good.

Claire has been coming out of her room. She is curious, but nervous. She’s also TINY!! I never realized how small she is; at first she had even tinier kittens beside her and later she was usually curled up in a corner. Now that I’ve seen her walking around … wow. Of course the feline comparisons in my place are at the other end of the scale — literally! 😉  I’ll try to get a photo with some scale, but she’s pretty skittish. Even so, it would appear that she’s the boss! I caught Jonesy (about 3X her size) cautiously inching around her to try and get a treat she hadn’t eaten. And Arthur tried the same thing. Somebody got it later when she left the room. The boys are all curious about her, but give her plenty of space.

I got her to play with the laser pointer last night though she wouldn’t come in the living room. I’ve even let her in the bedroom (now that I’ve figured out a way to keep the closet doors closed*). I thought she might hide under the bed, but no, she scoots back to the den if I come in. The biggest hindrance to free-ranging now is food; Arthur is on special food and I don’t want him eating hers. So when I’m not there she’s locked up and has access to her food. When she’s free her food is put away.

I had mixed success with the feather-petting. I’d read somewhere about using a feather toy to pet a skittish cat. To get them used to being touched. I pet her with the feathers and if she doesn’t hiss, she gets a treat. Sometimes she seems completely fine with it, others it’s “get those damn feathers away from me”.


* they’re those mirrored, sliding doors. I’ve got a chair leg propped against the middle one which is the usual one they open. Last night I heard scraping against the mirror, for quite a while, but when I checked it was still closed.

About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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