Rest and recovery …

… for me! Not the cats. 😉  And the perfect cool and rainy weekend to stay inside and do nothing.

At some point over the weekend — maybe after cleaning the fifth litter box! (at least I got to put two away) — I realized that “just” two fosters seemed like nothing. Kittens may not be very big but they’re a lot of work. And worry.

With just Claire and Arthur I feel like I’m on vacation. Arthur is no work; just play and a bit of refereeing (with Jonesy). I’m giving Claire a bit of time before I start really working on her socialization. I cautiously opened up the door on Sunday afternoon and she greeted all the boys quite nicely. Not overly friendly but neutral, at least. I was thrilled considering they were coming onto “her” turf. I even heard her chirping to Arthur later. She checked out the bathroom and got as far as the TV in the living room. I’m guessing she either hasn’t seen TV or forgets what it is. She took one look and ran back into her room, not coming out again for the rest of the day.

So it was a weekend of cleaning; washing linens and toys, and putting away all the kitten stuff, ready for the next crew.

Trust Murphy to distract me!

Trust Murphy to distract me!


Don’t bother with cleaning — just admire my belly.

About Adventures in Cat Fostering

I am a cat fosterer for Toronto Cat Rescue. I also have two cats of my own, Jonesy, the black and white, and Murphy, the brown tabby, in the photo. Both were adopted from Toronto Cat Rescue.
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8 Responses to Rest and recovery …

  1. Marc-André says:

    entered for the week after next!


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  3. I came to admire your tummy and give it a little rub, Murphy 🙂 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤

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  4. ruthdetwiler says:

    Oh look at that tummy and all of that litter box leaning-oh my-Murphy has my tunny rub anytime he wants it.


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